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7 Top Tips to Take Care of Wooden Furniture

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Natural-looking wooden furniture is highly sustainable and will add a unique look to the hotel ambiance. The timeless wooden hotel furniture can be used for years without damage. However, if you are not taking regular care, it will start losing its cluster due to wear and tear, dust accumulation, freeze, debris abrasion, and scratches. The … Read more

The Significance of Alfresco Doors: Making Way for Natural Light to Come In


A household is not only characterized by the right unit of furniture, but the entire aesthetics is depended on the way the doors and windows are aligned as well. In addition, position of the doors and windows plays a vital role is the lighting of the room. The right positioning of the doors and windows … Read more

Tips and Guidelines to Choosing the Best Interior Design Furniture

Furniture pieces that add value to your interior are often addressed as interior design furniture. Whether or not you specifically go for interior design furniture, furniture pieces add value and a touch of class to the interiors. Both office spaces and homes require good set of furniture to enhance the functionality. When you design a … Read more

Buffet Furniture – Introduce an Extra Touch of Elegance to Your Home


Choosing furniture set for a place can be quite tricky and time-consuming at times. There are different kinds of furniture sets required for every place. Misplacing them can create an imbalance in the entire look of the house. When one chooses furniture for their bedrooms, bathrooms, drawing halls and kitchen, it is also mandatory to … Read more

The Guide to Follow on How You Can Install DIY Floating Shelves

If you’re working in improving your home, floating shelves are an elegant way of displaying relics, collectibles, photos, travel souvenirs, or other decorations. Most people are fond of these shelves since they feature this unseen mounting system that helps save place and acts as a functional home decor that floats on the wall. If you … Read more