7 Top Tips to Take Care of Wooden Furniture

Natural-looking wooden furniture is highly sustainable and will add a unique look to the hotel ambiance. The timeless wooden hotel furniture can be used for years without damage. However, if you are not taking regular care, it will start losing its cluster due to wear and tear, dust accumulation, freeze, debris abrasion, and scratches.

The wooden requires more care and maintenance in comparison to other furniture. It does not matter what quality wooden furniture is made of. With time, it loses its span of life. Hence, if you want to treasure hospitality furniture to preserve your furniture look, follow these fantastic tips to maintain wooden furniture.

Crucial Tips to Maintain Wooden Furniture

Below we discuss some of the crucial tips that you need to follow for wooden furniture:

1. Be Mindful of the Temperature

Prevent the hotel furniture from extreme hot and cold cleaners for enhanced maintenance on wooden furniture. It fears leaving a mark that will distort the surface’s original texture. Ensure that exposure to cleansing fluids is limited to reasonable periods and not too long. The wood can swell or come into contact, depending on its surroundings. You can use a humidifier in a hotel in a dry place.

2. Regular Dusting

Dusting away loose dust is crucial when it comes to protecting wooden furniture. When you do not dust regularly, the particles start to create a layer that can result in scratches on the surface. To prevent the wooden hotel furniture from any scratches, it is highly advised that you should clean dust regularly. If accumulated dust is tough, use warm water and mild soap to clean it. However, ensure that once it is washed with water; wipe it with a dry cloth to remove residual moisture.

3. Oil and wax Them Frequently

Oiling and waxing are wood furniture’s most crucial care and maintenance tips. If the wood has become extremely dry, clean it, apply furniture oil, and enable it to soak for some minutes. Oiling prevents cracking and warping caused by extreme dryness. Waxing is essential for furniture with a wax coating. To wax, clean the floor, then apply a layer of wax and clean the excess until the wood feels smooth.

4. Protect the Finish

To maintain the finishing and wants to look shiny, then start using a soft wax polish. So, before polishing, prepare the surface with fine steel wool and clean it with a soft cloth to remove any residue. After that, you can apply a thin layer given on the instruction page, wait for five minutes, and buff it with a soft sponge cloth. To get an effective result, you can wait for another 30 to 60 minutes and then rub it more vigorously. It will give you a perfect shine and smooth surface.

5. Store Them with Care

If your furniture is unused for now, you can store it for future use. Various hoteliers need to correct their mistakes and place furniture that is prone to damage. In addition, damaging the furniture from moisture is another significant reason, requiring special care. For instance, if you store furniture in humid nature, it will absorb moisture and swell. Humidity is not suitable as it causes moisture loss and shrinking. The surface is tampered with if you place the furniture in a dusty area.

6. Keep Wood Smelling Fresh

Older hospitality furniture can produce an unpleasant odor, especially if stored longer. However, to restore its smell, sprinkle the surface with baking soda and place a pan of charcoal inside the drawers to absorb the smell that emanates from the inside. In sunny weather, you can set the furniture in a shared area to relieve the pungent smell and make your furniture brand new. Another approach is to use vinegar and water solution that helps eliminate the bad odor from the furniture pieces.

7. Keep an Eye on Bugs

Keeping an eye on bugs is the most crucial care tip for wooden furniture. However, some bugs that damage wooden objects include wood beetles, carpenter ants, and termites. So, it is always to be careful to watch the signs of these bugs, like holes or sawdust piles next to furniture. If you find any bugs, immediately get rid before they damage furniture.

Prevention of furniture from bugs is always the best option as getting regular chemical treatments from professionals.


These tips will keep your furniture brand new and in top shape. Choose wood that is easy to maintain and can stand in wear and tear, so preserving furniture is crucial. However, before maintenance, it is imperative to buy fantastic furniture. We are a famous hospitality furniture manufacturer that offers premium quality furniture at competitive prices.

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