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Considering Gutter Replacement? Here’s the Info You Need

Gutters are durable and sturdy. Most of the gutter systems are installed at the time of building construction, and stay there intact for decades, sometimes even up to a century. But there comes a time when you need to get them replaced. If yours is an old building, and if you are going through a home renovation, then it is the best time to think about gutter replacement too. You may also consider this option if your gutter system has started giving you problems, and you can’t get away with the old one any longer. Let’s talk more about gutter replacement and the available options.

When is the right time for a gutter replacement?

Minor repairs and blemishes are common on gutter systems, but when is the right time to go for a complete gutter replacement? If you are also thinking about this, then here we will tell you a few signs that call for a replacement:

  • If there are too many broken fasteners that are beyond repair
  • If gaps between your gutter and roofline have developed, and if they keep coming back even after hammering the fasteners
  • If you can see several holes, cracks and rust spots that cannot be repaired with flashing and sealant
  • If screws or nails keep loosening themselves and fall on the ground frequently
  • If the gutters separate from each other frequently
  • If your house requires frequent water damage repairs due to malfunctioning gutter system
  • If water leaks into your basement due to dripping near the foundation

Common materials used for gutters

Different materials are used for making gutters. While considering gutter replacement, you can choose the one as per the weather resistance, durability, aesthetic value and pricing.

Some of the materials used include:

  • Copper: Copper gutters are good for you if you want a durable gutter system that looks good at the same time. While golden brown color would be expensive and it would need a little bit of maintenance, another option would be platina that does not need any sealants and looks good in its original color. However, this material for gutter would be more expensive than other materials.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is the most popular choice for gutters, as it is easy to install, it is easy on the budget, and it is weather resistant too. You can buy aluminum gutter systems in a variety of colors. Although they look when new, their aesthetic value gets compromised over time. These gutters also tend to bend and damage easily and develop leaks to call for frequent repairs.
  • Stainless steel: Although not commonly used, stainless steel is a durable material for making gutters, and it is able to withstand strong weather conditions. It may rust and corrode, but if maintained properly, it can last really long.
  • Wood: Surprisingly, wood is also a material option used for making gutters. It is prone to rot and crack, but some people still use it for its aesthetic appeal. It is difficult to install too and does not come very cheap as well.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl as a gutter material is very popular. It is available in different color options that are resistant to fading as well. It is easy to install too and comes very cheap as compared to other gutter materials. However, it cannot withstand very high or very low temperatures and can get damaged in times of high winds.

Although gutter replacement does not need any particular license or certificate, the professional that you choose should have plenty of experience in handling similar projects. Get quotes from 3-4 contractors and choose the one that provides the best service at a minimum price. You can ask for referrals from your acquaintances or check online reviews to make an informed decision.

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