Top 7 Fashion Style Types For Men – Which Type Are You?

Knowing your style isn’t just about identifying what you want to wear, it’s about knowing the reason for wearing it. Putting labels on anyone is not cool but when it comes to your individual and distinct style, it’s actually great to set some limit around the excess of different fashion types. So whether you’re more of a dapper, hipster, sporty, or the classic man, it’s fun to find your personality with this style type run-through. We are not trying to put you inside a box but feel free to consider which style best describes who you are. You can even try at least one from the list we are going to give you.

1. The corporate dapper man

Are you the type of person that travels to plenty of different places and interacts with a lot of new people? Then we bet that you like to dress as sharp as possible since you are aware of how people are going to make a quick judgment. You know well that clothing sends a message. Your wardrobe probably has been a succession of custom tailored suits, seven-fold silk ties, and pocket squares, plus shiny oxfords and brogues. Moreover, at the end of the day, you don’t just dress for pleasure but you dress for the outcomes.

2. The streetwear guy

We would like to guess that Kanye West might be your biggest influences but still don’t like to admit it yet. And you are probably into brands but not necessarily following the trends. You like to experiment with distressed denim, jogger pants, snapbacks, layered parkas, and high-tops, creating your own style and like how people around you react.

You are not afraid to go bold with color and casual style pieces. And we know that you own a separate closet for your sneaker collection, such as Air Jordans and Yeezy Boosts to be specific. Obviously, streetwear clothing is your favorite whatever season it is.

3. The sporty guy

Crossfit and fitness is your addiction and thing! And we are sure that your label inspirations might include Nike, Reebok, Jack Spade, Diesel, and the like for high-performance gear. You are in love with technical sportswear such as jerseys, nylon vests, joggers, sometimes get mixed with denim and button-downs, even a blazer on a particular time for the utmost work-play combination.

4. The rockstar boss

You may not belong to the head to toe leather club wearing those all-black cutouts, fringe, and laces, but we know your inner rocker child still lives within you. You love that rock-star-cool attitude combined with a motorcycle vibe mood that has gotten you to perform your usual duties in a pair of slim and fit, ripped jeans, or a luxurious edgy, bomber coat top off with a pair of perfectly worn and distressed buckle boots.

Sometimes you like to go so far as an original-to-form leopard-print sweater, softened by a safe pair of pants and solid blazer. Your label inspiration might include Saint Laurent, John Varvatos, Versace, and the like.

5. The rugged man

Aside from the street style, the rugged style will always stay for many guys. We know that it’s practical, masculine, and durable. This style is intentionally created to be functional and to stand up to manual labor. If you don’t know it yet, try noticing your pair of work boots, you will see that they have a rubber sole. You know why? These shoes are used by those people who are working on cars and if ever the oil gets spilled, they won’t slip and it gives you enough traction.

This is the same if you also look at the upper of your boots, it’s made with thicker materials and heavier leather than a dress boot. This is made for the purpose of accident splash mud on it or if it goes into the water, it will still be fine. But for its fashion style, it creates a well put-together edgy appearance.

6. The preppy guy

Preppy style is a combination of tradition and society. You like to wear brands and pieces of clothing that strongly shouts, ‘I’m part of the group’. Although some people view this as a style for the elitist, which is true for the most part. But there are some groups who identify themselves as a member of, for instance, you’ve served in the military, the army unit neckties identify that someone was part of your military unit.

Masons are another great example, they usually wear specific things that forwards a coded signal to those in the know. This is for the purpose that you tell someone that you want to get to know that you’ve got something in common.

7. The sexy playboy type

Do not take this literally as a ‘play’, instead, it dictates social status, power, and using them to trigger and gravitate attraction. You play around with tuxedo and unbuttoned suit that goes down deep to your chest. Playboy means that when he walks in a certain room, he wants to create an effect that he’s the alpha–as the man that’s in charge. And coming off as a man in charge, you will notice that people are calling you sir, with a position of power even if you’re not. This is what you like–having that high social status, which will only result as you being attractive, both for men and women.

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