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Signs You’re Getting Poor HVAC Services

Are you sure you’re giving the HVAC system the service it deserves?

The HVAC or Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning system is the guardian angel that keeps the very air around you fresh and comfortable. It makes it warm for you when it’s cold and cools your summer days down. Getting an HVAC unit installed should guarantee you conditioned air throughout the year.

So it is only fair that you make sure the unit is well-maintained. If your HVAC system is making unusual sounds, showing poorer airflow or temperature control, or if it’s smelling funny; you need to call in your service guys. But in case the HVAC system is showing signs of poor performance despite the routine checkups, there are chances you are getting a bad service.

So, we have assembled some telltale signs below to help you determine that your HVAC system is not getting good servicing.

Multiple visits for the same problem

A right diagnosis of the system should be able to fix an issue. There could be two reasons why a problem is not solved with one visit – (1) Poorly trained or inexperienced technician (2) The technician is not checking the system well.

Of course, there are exceptions. There are cases where they need to come in again, but no more than twice should be the general rule.

Poor connections and short circuits

It is only natural for some connections or parts of your HVAC unit to get worn out. But if an issue is always spotted despite frequent maintenance, it’s a sign of caution.

Routine services are scheduled by pros such that, by the time the components begin to show signs of wear and tear, they can be replaced or repaired.  So if the technician had not done their part thoroughly and carefully, anything from performance issues to short circuits can happen.

The HVAC system also involves water. So if water and electricity come to contact, the results can be catastrophic.

Not having basic equipment or parts

When the service provider sends in their technicians, they should’ve briefed them on your issue. So, any serviceman who turns up to work with no tools at hand is a big NO NO!

And if the team pulled up their truck, they should have brought some basic parts and test equipment in it. They should also consider not to use low quality parts from just any brand for your service. There are companies that are authorized dealers of various reliable brands that you can trust like Free Air Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd.

The “send help!” Guy

A technician or two showing up, inspecting, sometimes getting to work, and ending up calling the office?

Unless it’s a case they need more manpower, you can be sure the service just sent an apprentice. It is very irresponsible for a firm to send you someone inexperienced without supervision. A fresher can possibly underestimate the situation with your HVAC. In such cases, they may do what they think would fix the issue and that’s something that you shouldn’t let them get away with.

Silent mode!

It is completely normal for you to have concerns about a system that sends electricity all around the house while managing the very air you breathe. The HVAC technology basically is all around you and your family, day and night.

You may also be having questions about inconsistent electricity bills, hot or cold spots, reduced equipment performance, and safety. Not responding to your queries well is something that a good service provider and technicians would never do. The company you hire should also be able to account for your doubts related to the contract and work order too.

The “recharge” scam

All reliable sources say that a cooling system is usually made with enough refrigerant to run its lifetime. So if your A/C is working well and the coolant tank is not leaking, it should never require a “top-up”.

It is a common scam that had drained many pockets in the past and something a company like Lloyds wouldn’t do. They have been operating since 1947 and won’t ever scam you like other companies out there.

There you have it. These are just some of the signs you need to watch out for to determine if you’re getting bad HVAC preventive maintenance services.

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