What to Consider When Buying Curtains

When it comes to home decor, curtains add that extra appeal to a room. However, you need to select them carefully. They should go well with the rest of the furniture and items that you have kept in the room. You need to think about what kind of color you want, the type of fabric you want, their length, the lining and whether you want to buy them ready-made or have them custom-made as per your individual requirements and preferences. It might be a little confusing when you think about all the factors that you have to consider. Let’s take you through the different options you need to consider while selecting the right kind of curtains.

Curtain fabric and color

When it comes to choosing a curtain, the fabric you select is of utmost importance. The one that you choose will play an important role in determining how they will look and function and how long they would last. If the fabric is too heavy, it will not fold in the right way when drawn. If it is too light, the curtain will not fall properly. Also, sunlight has an effect on your draperies and they may fade with time. So, if your rooms get a lot of sunlight, try to avoid bright colors as they will fade quickly. Neutral colors are better because they fade less and go well with any kind of décor. For fabric, linen, silk, faux silk, and velvet make good choices. These are very durable fabrics and have a good fall too. If the room is very sunny, it is best to use faux silk as it does not fade as quickly as silk.

Curtain length and lining

First you need to decide how high above the window you want the curtains to hang. If you hang them higher, they give the room more height. It is customary to hang approximately six inches above the window frame. You can go higher if you want to get an even more elevated effect.

When using a tape measure, start measuring the curtain’s height from the point where you want them to begin to the floor. You can add a few more inches to achieve a puddled effect. If not, then just have them brush the floor. When measuring their width, add about four to eight inches on either side and double that number to get the windows fully covered without any gap. The extra inches will prevent sunlight from getting into your room when they are drawn.

Ready-made curtains vs custom ones

If you opt for custom made ones, you can have them made exactly as you want them to be. The design options are endless. However, custom-made draperies cost more as compared to the ready-made ones. But you can get good quality ones if you are willing to spend a little more.

Popular curtain types

Let us take a look at the different types of curtains on offer:

  • Panel pair: These types have two separate panels, one on each side of the window.
  • Single panel: In this type of curtain, one panel covers the entire window.
  • Window treatment set: This is a full set for your windows, one or two curtains and a valance. They might also include a tieback and curtain rods.
  • Valance: This is a short curtain that hangs at the top of the window. It is an optional decoration and looks great.
  • Window scarf: This is similar to a valance, but is a long and thin piece of fabric hung from the top of the window.
  • Liner: This is another optional add-on. They go well with sheer fabrics for increased privacy.

When you want to buy curtains, you can ask for an in-house consultation or select from online options. Most interior design services offer either or both of these services. Check out the different options available and make your home look pretty with the right choice.

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