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Customize E-Com Site Features to Drive Sales

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, the first thing that challenges you is the functionality of your site. Well, it is not only about the visual appeal of the site. In fact, it is much more than what you could possibly have planned or thought. That means you have to have a super functional site to leverage your business. Now, how are you going to achieve this objective?

Undoubtedly, you have to hire custom ecommerce development service provider so that you can customize your site appropriately. Hang on! What are the things that you need to customize? Well, the below mentioned are a few latest trends and tricks of e-commerce business that demands highly skilled developers to build some super cool functionalities that will complement your strategy.

The key customized features for e-commerce site:

#1. One click pre-checkout up-sell pages: As your customers go through the checkout process, you can suggest other related products based on their shopping cart merchandises.

That means if a customer is buying a laptop, then you might suggest to your customer to buy an external hard-disk. The companies have improved their sale amount by 90% just by applying this one functionality. A great e-commerce development company can customize this feature for you.

#2. Responsive cart and product page design: The smart devices are becoming commonplace that means you need to have a site that is responsive and nicely fits into all devices and ecosystem.

In addition, the study suggests that more than 40% of the e-commerce transactions are taking place on the mobile phone and smart devices that mean you have a pretty good customer base waiting for your site to open on their mobile phones. That is not all; Google has also declared that it will assign more value to the sites that are responsive.

#3. Filters and advanced search: Undoubtedly, you a have a number products on your site, if you are selling more than 500 products, then it can be difficult for the customers to locate the right products; therefore, it is imperative that you create advanced search tab based on price range, category and reviews so that your customers can have a pleasurable shopping experience.

#4. Integration tools for the third-party marketplace: The third-party sites like eBay, Amazon and other sites can be great places to generate a hefty amount of money every month. Therefore, it is important that your site must have features to upload the products automatically onto those sites because doing it manually can be a matter of eternal quest.

Therefore, you must find technically perfect ecommerce website development services that can create enable your site with features that will help you in better inventory management and accounting process by automating all the functions.

#5. Design studio: As mentioned above, customization is the current buzzword. If you can offer your customers to customize their products like logos, special message, and bespoke dresses, then you can attract a lot of customers. In addition, it is going to improve your brand equity because when people get the perfect product, they are more likely to spread the message.

However, you need to find the best e-commerce development service provider to inculcate all those above-mentioned features because they are highly technical aspects and demand exceptional skills. So, how are you going to find such an organization?

Work with a competent service provider:

You must look at the core competencies of the service provider before you hire them for the job. That means you have to look at their technological capability, the development frameworks that they work on. Since all of the above features need to be created using technically advanced frameworks, you need to verify that aspect.

You also need to ask them to provide the sample of their previous custom web design works. Look at their client roster and find out their credibility because an experienced organization will be able to offer you the perfect customized solution.

In addition, you also need to verify other aspects like the mobile app development service, maintenance of the site. Note; maintenance service is the most important factor because a single minute of downtime can be a costly affair. Hence, you have to find the service provider that offers complete support.

Finally, you have to discuss the cost factor too. You certainly do not want to break your bank account in an attempt to create a stunning site. You need to understand the fact that it is possible to get better service at a reasonable cost if not cheap. However, you have to find such organizations that can offer you customized service according to your needs.

Apparently, if you want to gain competitive advantage, then you must customize your e-commerce site and for that, you have to find the best ecommerce developers who can bring tech ideas into functional reality, make sure that you choose tightly.

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