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Top Home Building Trends This 2018

Last year became an astonishing period of advancement in home technology and modification of home building operations. This year will still have continuous improvements since more homebuyers are seeking for the “must haves” in their homes. That’s why more home builders are persistently working harder to provide homeowners with more original technology and designs. Here are the top home building trends you have to keep up with for this year.

Smart home technology

Thanks to more developing advanced technologies, we are not only given smartphones and tablets, but technology is expanding its way into our homes as well. We can expect awesome automatic control systems that will be one of the biggest trends for 2018. With smart home technology, you will be more energy efficient and you can easily customize your home in accordance with your specific settings.

Concrete materials

This year is where we bid our farewell to stainless-steel and white appliances in our homes. They are replaced with copper, stone, concrete and granite materials. The appearance of concrete and granite materials in homes will be bigger and it will be the design focal point.

Contemporary and minimalist bedrooms

Simplicity is beauty, right? That’s why minimalism will definitely rise when it comes to design. Especially if we are talking about bedrooms, we want to experience comfort and relaxing aesthetic that can be achieved with minimalism. More homebuyers are searching for this experience. You can try soothing bedroom colors, off-white bedding, baby blue wall paint, and sparkly white accent pieces throughout the room.

Comfortability for seniors

Seniors today prefer to spend the rest of their time in their own homes as against moving into assisted living facilities. Wider doorways and large hallways are expected more for seniors to suit their lifestyle needs such as the uncomplicated use of their wheelchairs and scooters so they can live comfortably.

Light flooring to the next level

Light hardwood flooring became very popular in 2017 but for this year, it will be taken to the next level this year. Bear in mind that it can be hard to maintain a white floor, but with the right care, you will not regret it! You’ll be seeing this in living areas, bathrooms, and kitchens. White tile or white painted wood will create an appearance of a much larger space.

Vibrant and fun kitchens

Although there is a mix of minimalism for this year, colorful kitchens trend will make its way into more homes. You can mix and match your kitchen wall colors, paint your cabinets, and pick a vibrant countertop that will spice up the look of your kitchen.

Tankless water heaters

Nowadays, aside from getting the best technology in our homes, we are also looking for more ways to save on energy and money. Tankless water heaters are one of the ways to do that. It will provide hot water only as it is needed, and they offered in gas-fired and electric models. Also, it’s a space-saver because they are much smaller than traditional heaters, plus they have the ability to be wall mounted.

Wall tile accents

Now you can enjoy looking at your tiles by adding modern and artistic elements to the wall and is more damage resistant than wallpaper. Take note of the importance of paying attention to specific patterns that can be added to your walls.

Roof decks

Roof decks are now becoming a significant amenity for residential homes and not only for apartments anymore. This is a great alternative from the everyday deck or backyard patio. I suggest you add some furniture to your roof deck so you can relax while you enjoy an amazing view.

Author the author: Ivandrea Ollero is a daytime writer for Wincrest, one of Australia’s most experienced and well-renowned home builders designing and building modern family homes. Ivandrea provides information for choosing the right house plane so people can enjoy their local community with their new residence.

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