5 Ways to Update Your Look

If you have been wearing the same set of wholesale streetwear for months then perhaps it is time to incorporate some changes into your wardrobe and style. Get rid of the habit of repeating outfits lest you look like a cartoon character with these style ideas below:

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#1. Wear A Dress-Over-Pants Instead of a Sweater

For a funky and fresh take of donning your clothes, take the dress-over-pants trend for a spin in lieu of your usual sweater. It is a fun way to play with styles and looks chic and sophisticated. Choose a frock that has bell-sleeves and is semi-sheer and combines that with a velvet-accented number so that this trend has a unique and fresh modification to it.

#2. Play with Colors

Instead of sporting dreary and somber colors such as black, white and gray all year long, incorporate a splash of color into your wardrobe. Make the colorful and printed number as the centerpiece of your entire ensemble so that it would stand out more. Pair it with neutrals such as black, white, gray or brown to avoid clashing.

#3. Let Your Outerwear Stand Out

Most of us neglect to choose styles for our outerwears as we mostly regard them as pieces of cloth used to cover our main outfit. However, this should not be the case as your outerwear should be equally, if not more than stylish than your main outfit as it is what is readily visible when you are out on the streets. Highlight your outerwear fashion by experimenting with fabric and proportion. Incorporate eye-catching mixed paneling and color-blocked fur then your outfit will look just as fashionable on the outside as your inside outfit.

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#4. Level Up Your Purse

Your purse is just as much a part of your outfit as your shoes, your dress and your accessories are, so be wise in choosing one to complement your outfit. If you have been lugging around the same purse for months or even years now, level it up by selecting a bag that shows off a bit more personality yet would not necessarily clash with your outfit. Looking to add some fun and spice to your outfit? The addition of a geometric and colorful purse will immediately win your outfit bonus points.

#5. Add Accessories

If accessories were never your thing then perhaps this year, you can change that. Add fun and personality to your outfit by stocking up on belts, hats and various jewelry to go with whatever ensemble you might think of. Accessories keep an outfit fresh, unique and truly you so incorporate some choice accessories into your clothing ensembles the next time you are dressing up.

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