Render Special Care to Your Jaguar with Regular Car Service

When we first hear the name Jaguar, what comes to our mind is the wild cat from America. The name jaguar itself symbolizes power, ferocity and valor. This is perhaps why the Jaguar name has been given to one of the sturdiest car brands in the world, the Jaguar. It is a luxury vehicles company that is dedicated to manufacturing highly comfortable and powerful vehicles since 1922. If you are a Jaguar car owner, you know how important it is to keep your car maintained in order to keep it in excellent working condition. For that, you need to take it for regular Jaguar service. Let’s talk more about this aspect.

What happens during a Jaguar service?

Jaguar is a luxury vehicle that has some special requirements during service too. A regular service may not suffice to keep this asset in optimum working condition. The servicing schedule of your car must have been mentioned in your manual pack. You should follow it closely without fail in order to keep your car in the best condition and make it last long.

When you visit a Jaguar service center, you will see that there are two different levels of service being offered. One is interim service, and the other one is full service. Let’s know what happens in them.

  • In Interim service: This is the basic level of service which involves change of oil and the oil filter, along with some safety checks. Some moving parts would be lubricated as well. They will also check the horn, brakes, lights, exhaust system, fluid levels and tyres. Any fluid leaks will be identified and fixed immediately.
  • In full service: In addition to all the things done in an interim service, a full Jaguar service also includes top-ups of antifreeze and brake fluid, brake checks, engine inspection, thorough checking of shock absorbers, wheel bearings and air conditioning system, and replacement of the pollen filters. However, it would not include any servicing or replacement of spark plugs and fuel filters, as they would be chargeable extras.

There is another level of service that includes only changing of the oil filter and oil. This is a cheap level of service that would not include any thorough checking of your car systems. They won’t stamp your service book, and won’t reset your service clock as well.

Tips to choose a Jaguar service center

To be safe, you should take your Jaguar car to an authorized service center only. They know the intricacies of your car model and they are experienced in servicing your asset. However, if a dedicated service center is not located in your area, here are a few things you need to look for:

  • The facility should be well-organized and clean
  • They should have a courteous and friendly person at front desk
  • Their waiting area should be clean
  • They must offer pickup and drop-off service
  • Their technicians should be certified, and they should hang their certifications on the wall
  • They should have updated service data and equipment
  • They should offer warranty on their work
  • They should give you an estimate of the service
  • They should not try to convince you to get any unnecessary job done on your car
  • They should always seek your approval before carrying out any extra repair or service
  • They should have a reasonable rate for their service, which means that it should neither be too expensive, not too cheap.

The Jaguars are said to be the fastest and the best outstanding sports cars in the history. The people owning it don’t just see it as a vehicle but as a luxury and asset. In order to keep your car in excellent working condition, you need to go for Jaguar service at regular intervals of time. Don’t go to any service center. Use our tips to find the right service center in your area.

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