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Preparing Your Move This 2019 Tips

This coming year, moving doesn’t have to be a laborious task. With right planning and preparation, you can actually make the entire process enjoyable and exciting. If you plan your move properly, the transition can be a time of celebration for the new chapter of your life. To prevent your move from being a source of stress and concern, follow these tips this 2019 to have a seamless and stress-free moving experience.

Top 5 tips to help you prepare successful move

#1. Make a moving plan

To plan out and organize your move appropriately, it’s best to create a plan ahead of time by having a journal. Write down all the tasks that need to be accomplished to guide you throughout the process. If possible, use colored post-it notes to access all the sections in your journal easily. Be sure you highlight some important details to make your relocation a success. Make any reminder to yourself about certain things like what are the items to be packed for the move.

#2. Determine your moving costs

Before starting the preparation, it’s essential to determine the costs you’re willing to spend for your move and make sure you stick with it along the way. Whether you’re planning a local or long distance move, there are many expenses to consider from the very beginning. After all, everything has a price and the costs will quickly add up if you don’t plan beforehand. Take note of all moving expenses such as the travel costs, renting a moving truck or hiring movers, and moving supplies. That way, you’ll know how much budget you need to carry out a successful relocation.

#3. Get started with packing as early as possible

To start 2019 right, find time to prepare a packing plan that will help you with the process. Make sure you spend money on necessary moving supplies. For instance, the better way to save is to gather moving boxes and other materials for free. Visit some local grocery stores nearby that can donate varied sizes of boxes for your use. From there, begin the task by packing all your belonging one room at a time. Prioritize those you don’t frequently use to be followed by the essential ones. Don’t forget to sell or donate items that you no longer use. After boxing up all your things, use colored markers to label your boxes in an organized manner. That way, you can unpack things more efficiently and orderly.

#4. Update your address before you move

If you’re moving this 2019, it’s imperative that you change your address before the official move-in date. Set up address changes as soon as you know the schedule of your move. Visit the post office and get your address changed right away. By doing it, you can rest knowing that all your mails will be sent to your new residence. Additionally, jot down all the organizations including some utility providers whom you have to contact before moving. Make an effort to update the companies that send you bills as well as your doctors or dentists if you’re relocating across the country. If they know about the move earlier, they may refer you to some professionals in your new city.

#5. Get the assistance of movers

If you have a budget in place, seeking help from movers for hire can be a great way to keep you from tons of stress and labor. Depending on the distance you need to travel and the amount of stuff you have to bring with you, it’s beneficial if you contact a reputable moving company. Begin your search by shopping around and request multiple quotes from various movers. Check some online reviews as well as their certifications prior to choosing them. Be sure they have a license and adequate insurance coverage for all your possessions.

The bottom line

Believe it or not, the whole process of moving doesn’t have to be stressful all the time. While it can be challenging where to start, you can still make your next move as smooth as possible if you plan ahead. So, keep these things in mind and look forward to a memorable move this 2019.

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