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Put These 4 Things in Storage and Make Moving Easier!

We never quite seem to realize just how much stuff we’ve accumulated until it’s time to move. After a good declutter, we’re often still left with things that we’re not quite sure we’ll have space for in our new home or things that we won’t need right away or don’t have the room for because of renovations. That’s why just like decluttering helps make moving easier, putting these things in storage will make your next move a breeze!

#1. Large furniture & Appliances

Not only is it a pain to move all that heavy, awkwardly shaped furniture and appliances but it’s even more of a pain trying to find the space in your new home to put it all! While you have the help of your movers like Nomad Movers, take advantage of those few extra sets of hands and have them move some of your larger, rarely used furniture and appliances into storage. Things like bedroom sets for your spare room, couches and other furniture you’re not quite sure is going to fit in your new space, and any large appliances you may not need in your new home are just going to get in the way. If you don’t need it in the near future, put it in storage, figure out where all your essentials go, your design or renovation plans, and take the time to make sure everything fits where you want it to. It’ll save so much time and energy not having those items cluttering your new space and being able to take the time to decide the perfect place for them to live in your home.

#2. Seasonal items

Most of us keep our seasonal items like Christmas trees, lights, decorations, etc in a crawl space or garage but when we move it’s easy to have those boxes and boxes of bulky seasonal items clutter up our new space making it more difficult to unpack. Unless you know exactly where you’ll be storing your seasonal items in your new home and can have your movers put them away immediately, consider a moving company that offers storage solutions like Simple Moves. Putting your seasonal items in storage while you tackle unpacking and organizing the essentials, can be a real time (and space!) saver.

#3. Keepsakes

Nostalgia has a way of making us rationalize keeping way more keepsakes and mementos than we really need, but we all have them – boxes of them, even, that never really have a dedicated space in our home. If you struggle to get rid of keepsakes as much as you struggle to find a place to store them in your home consider moving them to a storage unit, either permanently or just until you have the time to organize your new space and find a permanent space for them.

#4. Books, Collectibles and artwork

Books, collectibles and artwork are all things that need to be packed, moved and stored in very particular ways to keep them all in one piece. This often means dispersing them in an endless number of boxes, packing them in oversized packaging, or requiring them to be covered and stored in ways that take up a lot of space. And let’s face it, for most of us, the last thing we’re going to be worrying about while moving is unpacking all our books and collectibles onto shelves and putting art on our not-yet-painted walls. To avoid accidental damage, and needing to overtake an entire room of your new home just to keep all those boxes of books, put them in storage until you’ve reached the point in your move that you’re decorating, and doing more of the design and detail work. That way you know everything is safe, and once you’re ready to unpack them they’ll be going right into their permanent place in your new home.

We all want to do whatever we can to make moving as simple, easy and quick as possible. Something that can help is hiring a moving team and renting a storage unit for all those items you don’t need in your new home right away. Worry less about immediately finding a space to put that giant antique credenza from grandma in your new apartment and store it until you’ve found the perfect space.

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