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Plumbing Situations that Require Help from Emergency Plumbers

Wondering why the pipe decides to burst right when guests start trickling in to party, or hot water fails you when the baby is having an emergency? No, we don’t have the answer either. But we do have the solution – Emergency Plumbing.

If it is possible, cut off the water and power supply before calling your plumber. But if it looks dangerous to do so, you can ask professional plumbers from trusted plumbing companies like Wade Roberts Plumbing to do that and help you fix other issues like the ones we will talk about in this article. Here are some of them:

Burst or leaking pipe

The water supply system is practically the veins of your home. They run about everywhere carrying fresh water, draining wastewater, carrying the hisses of the Dark Lord…Oh, wait! Sorry.

A burst, fray, or leak can happen anywhere within or outside the walls and can happen for several reasons. Not only can this lead to wastage, but also a lot of water damage.

Please don’t rush your hands into the situation. The water may have come into contact with a live wire and this might lead to a fatal shock. When this happens, we suggest you keep your children and pets away from the crucial area and call a professional emergency plumber right away.

Overflowing toilet

A plunger cannot solve every toilet situation. What a plunger does to solve a small clog can only make things (literally) messier when there are pieces of debris and waste buildup deep in the pipes.

An expert would have a plumbing snake with them and will know if at all it’s necessary for your emergency. That’s not all! Sometimes a clog might’ve caused more damage than what meets your eye.

When you hire a professional plumbing company, they will fix this problem and let you know if more attention or work is needed for your toilet to function for a long time.

Sewer line leak or waste disposal unit failure

The waste disposal and sewer lines are more prone to emergencies than you think. They carry a lot of waste from your place to the main sewer. When left unchecked, water and wastes can get really stinky and that’s something we’re sure you don’t want to smell for a long time. Aside from that, sewer backups and clogs can cause other (multiple) clogs in your drainage system too. Once you experience any issues related to this, you should not hesitate to call a company that offers professional plumbing services before the situation gets worse.

Frozen pipes

What’s worse than getting snowed in? Frozen pipes!

Even if you take good care of your pipes during the winter and have them insulated, you can still get water frozen in pipes. No matter how hard you try (or cry), the frozen ice won’t simply melt in one snap. If ever you experience this, reach out to a reputable plumbing company and they will help you unfreeze your pipes and professionally insulate them for you.


The geysers can run out of hot water due to electrical issues, water heater problems, or even plumbing leaks. If there is a crack in the water heater tank, you might be running the utility (both water and power) bills uphill. You’ll need to talk to an expert or have them take a look to figure it out.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure is usually a villain spawned by bad water supply lines, clogged or scaly pipes, or even dropped pressure in your supplier’s tank. If ever you need assistance with this issue, reach out to expert plumbers and they’ll fix the issues you’re dealing with as soon as possible.

Hvac water leaks

The heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system has water integrated into it. Leaks in the HVAC system are not trivial, nor should the case be toyed with. A leak may be from the refrigerant-tank, or it can be water. Chances are, the water has found its way to an uninsulated connection.

In any case, you should not try your hand at it and dial a trustworthy plumber’s emergency number instead!

Long story short

A reliable plumbing company like Santos Water Service & Drain understands how crucial quick plumbing intervention is. A professional Emergency Plumbing Service covers everything from basement drain backups and slow drains to storm drain overflow.

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