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Landlord Gas Safety Certificate UK in London and Essex

To comply with the law, a landlord must have a Gas Safety Certificate UK performed once every year on any property rented out before a new tenant moves in. Any safety concerns or boiler problems that need to be addressed must be remedied.

At Gas Safety Certificate UK, we provide services geared at assisting landlords promptly and affordably in meeting their legal duties with as minor inconvenience as is humanly possible. Our service area includes all of London, as well as Epping, Loughton, and Chigwell, as well as the rest of Essex. Because each of our engineers has completed extensive training and earned a place on the Gas Safe register. You can have peace of mind knowing that your property is in the most capable hands.

Who Is Required to Get a Certificate for Gas Safety (CP12)?

Landlords in the UK who rent out premises containing gas appliances and fittings of any kind are required to obtain a current Gas Safety Certificate UK. It usually includes appliances and components such as boilers, cookers and hobs, central heating, and flues. Gas Safe engineers like ourselves must perform annual safety inspections on gas appliances.

Gas safety inspection reports are require to kept on file for two years by landlords. They must give a copy of the certificate to each new tenant within the first 28 days after completing a new check. And they must do so before the new tenant moves in.

What Kinds of Gas Appliances Need to Have Their Safety Examined?

The gas bill for any gas appliances that the landlord owns or provides for their renters. To use must cover by the landlord. Suppose a tenant purchases their gas appliances and installs them in their home. In that case, the landlord is responsible for installing the gas line and any other necessary components. But the renter is responsible for the cost of the appliance itself.

What about checkups and preventative maintenance?

The Gas Safety Certificate UK requirements make it very clear that the landlord is responsible for guaranteeing that all boilers, other gas appliances, and pipes are regularly repaired, maintained, and operating securely at all times.

Is It Adequate to Merely Keep an Electronic Copy of a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12), or Is Anything Else Required?

Of course! It is not only permissible but also highly recommend for a landlord to preserve electronic records of a gas inspection; in fact, many individuals find this method extremely convenient.

An electronic copy is acceptable so long as landlords can give a hard copy when required. Such as when a new tenant moves in. The document unmistakably identifies the engineer and bears their signature.

Why Should You Get Your Gas Safety Inspection from Lawson Heating in London?

We are glad to say that we work to the most excellent possible professional standards. Because of the years of training and expertise we have accumulated. We will analyze the state of your boiler after a thorough inspection. And provide any necessary advice about the gas safety of your boiler. Because of our extensive experience and expertise, Gas Safety Certificate UK is in the most excellent position to guide the most recent updates to the relevant safety laws.

Your safety inspection will carry out promptly and professionally at a time convenient for you by experience engineers. Who are Gas Safe experts and have complete all of our work, which is fully insure. You will be informed as quickly as possible of any necessary adjustments or recommendations that have been made.

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