Fruits & Veg That Are Good for Your Teeth

What we have goes a long way in determining the health of our teeth. People who gorge on sugary items, sweets and snacks tend to have weaker teeth than those who prefer fruits and vegs. Because, your teeth are sensitive, and they can’t bear the attack of bacteria and germs caused by sugary items. On the other hand, green vegetables and fruits pack in key minerals and nutrients important for your dental health. For that reason, you must get your priority right and eat what is beneficial to your teeth rather than what is harmful.

Let’s look at some of fruits and vegs that are good for your teeth

Leafy greens

Leafy green vegetables are very good for your teeth. They not only provide the nourishment but also work as natural toothbrush. Their consumption can help in two ways – first, all the germs and bacteria are washed away, and second, they help in saliva production. Some of popular leafy green items include spinach, cabbage, lettuce and chard. The minerals and vitamin found in these vegetables are great for maintaining dental healthy and keeping your teeth forever healthy.


If you want to keep your teeth healthy, start munching on carrots more often. They are crunchy and high in fibre, which makes them perfect for your dental health. Carrots can stimulate the gums and the effort needed in munching them also keeps your teeth healthy. They are easily available, and you can eat them as much you like with no harm to contend with. And yes, carrots are also great for the eyesight so you have another reason to eat them.


Start munching on celery more often if you want healthy teeth and strong gums. Much like carrots, they are crunchy and high in fibre, so they can stimulate the gums. Plus, celery have beta-carotene which the body can use for creating vitamin A. and you know how much this vitamin helps for maintaining dental health. Plus, you can eat them and be sure of healthy teeth and gums.


Many people think that citrus fruits are bad for their teeth. Well, they’re wrong because the case is entirely different. Dentists recommend eating them because of their richness of vitamin C. More importantly, fruits like oranges, pears and watermelons not only help clean the teeth but also aid in saliva production to ensure healthy teeth and gums. These fruits also message the gums and can neutralize the acidic content left behind. So, eat them without any fear and maintain dental health.


Any list of foods for teeth is not complete without the mention of apples. They are very helpful for your dental health and you can eat them to keep your teeth healthy and disease free. Since they are fibrous, you can use them as snacks and eat them to improve saliva production as well. they can help clean your teeth and become a natural floss. They are also effective against cavity-causing bacteria and any dentist in Hyderabad can confirm this.

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