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Factors to Consider Before You Purchase Toyota land Cruiser Snorkel

Suppose you are one of those who love the gushing fresh air chilling your face, filling your lungs and reviving your tired mind while you are thrilled driving your car on a long drive. In that case, you must also be in love with crafting your car with added accessories and weapons to make them ideal for those long, refreshing, and adventurous drives.

There are some similarities between driving lovers who are also adventure freaks. They tend to pick up heavy cars, apt for difficult terrains and get weapons to adapt to adventurous drives like a snorkel. In rough terrains with dusty roads and fields and water lands, you especially need this raised air intake, which helps your engine get fresh air even when you are driving over water or through extreme dust. So, if you are planning to buy Toyota Land Cruiser snorkel, then here are a few tips you must consider before installing a snorkel.

Toyota land Cruiser Snorkel_jpg

There are many models of Toyota Land Cruiser snorkels in the market, but when you plan to install one for your car, it needs to be the best fit. If it does not fit pro3perly, it might fulfil the purpose. However, if your car does not have a particular snorkel model in the market, do not worry; there are auto technicians with extensive skills who craft and customize snorkels as per your car. However, this kind of process involved:

  • Hefty expenditure
  • Extensive remodelling
  • Reassembly of the internal air-intake system to fit in the customised snorkel.

However, car model specific snorkels like Toyota Land Cruiser snorkel are designed to offer a snug fit.

Snorkel Type

In terms of design and crafting, there are two primary styles of snorkel heads available for commercial snorkel systems. The most common type is the ram type. But the popular one that crowns over the market is ram type. This is named so, as this snorkel is designed with a forward-facing air intake unit, where when the car moves, the air is rammed inside with high force.

This uses a forward-facing duct into which air is “rammed” when the car is moving at speed. Since the car movement forces the air to push through the snorkel, any dirt or water droplets accumulated in the duct are pushed to the snorkel’s back, where there are predesigned holes to drain out the dirt. There is also a water dump valve presiding the air filter in some snorkels, which drains out accumulated dirt. Therefore, the advantage of the design of your snorkel helps keep your engine free from dirt and breathe seamlessly.

Custom Changes 

To fit in a snorkel to your car, of course, there need to be some custom body working as well. so, before jumping into snorkel planning, you need to know how much customization your car will go through:

  • Holes need to be punched for fittings.
  • It needs to be bolted.
  • Rustproof treatment for edges of the air tube that is cut or adjusted.

Now, fitting a Toyota Land Cruiser snorkel might be done all by yourself if you are quite keen on auto works or have a definite skill at it, or else do not rethink hiring professional help. Moreover, while deciding to revamp and improve your car’s performance and functioning, you should never compromise on either quality snorkel or quality professional fittings. 

Concluding Thoughts 

 If you are purchasing a Toyota Land Cruiser snorkels, check for the best quality and do not settle for inferior quality snorkels, for that can lead you to trouble while your car withstands the rough terrains and abrasions on the road. You go through their client reviews before making a purchase. Also, don’t miss the technical specifications.

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