A Simple Guide To Buying The Best Lawn Mower

The desire to have a lush green lawn is very common. These days, you would need the assistance of a gardener to chop off the unruly grasses that have declined.

With technological advancements that have led to different gardening tools, you can now maintain your yard with ease. All you need to do is purchase the best lawn mower, and let it do all the lawn trimming and maintenance.

What To Consider Before Buying The Right Mower?

There are some factors that you must keep in mind before buying a mower. It is vital to remember that to have a well-groomed, attractive lawn, you need the right equipment, and the following parameters will help you make the right call.

Understand the types

There are different types of mowers in the market. However, the 3 main categories are cylinder, hover, and rotary.

For cylinder mowers, you will find cylindrical blades which have vertical rotation on the mower front. Hover mowers have rotary blades but remain just above the ground for easy movements. For the rotary type, you will observe only one blade that displays horizontal rotation beneath the appliance.

Take into account the lawn size

The lawn size is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing the best lawn mower. If you have a smaller lawn, then you can opt for manual or push mowers. Though it requires more muscle energy, it is comparatively cheaper than the other models. But, it is better for people who have big yards to opt for the riding mowers or the cordless ones.

Think about the power options

There are various power options available when it comes to mowers. You can choose between electric, battery-powered but cordless, manual, and petrol types. Keep into account the lawn size, maintenance, and efficiency before making any decision. If the lawn is big, you can opt for the gas-based one.

Consider propellers

Another innovative lawn mower type is the one that comes with self-propellers. It means that there is no need to put in any manual effort. You just need to steer them, and they will start chopping off the grass immediately. Ultimately, it makes mowing lawns easier.

The blade width is important

Blade width, also known as deck size, is another critical factor in mowers. Generally, the deck size of the mowers ranges from 20 to 70 degrees. It can also be more depending on the size of the appliance. People usually prefer mowers with bigger decks due to the reduction in cutting time. However, it is only useful if the lawn is flat and smooth.

Observe the necessary attachments

There are various types of attachments that you must consider before purchasing the best lawn mower. Check if the product offers aerators, debris loaders, lawn rollers, dethatches, sprayers, and more. If you are paying a high price, make sure you get the necessary attachments.

Availability of bagger

While some homeowners have no issue leaving the grass clipped in their freshly mowed lawns, others might not prefer that. To keep your lawn clean after mowing, you must invest in a mower that comes with a bagger. Though the grass clippings will disintegrate, they can still cause a mess. That is why you can opt for mowers that come with a grass box or bagger. With this feature, the mower collects the clippings as they move rather than leaving them behind.


With the right lawn moweryou can shape up your lawn as you desire. The different types available make it easy to opt for the one that suits your gardening needs the best. Apart from the various features, you also need to focus on quality, durability, and price. That is why you must dedicate a substantial amount of time before making the final decision.

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