Everything You Need to Know About Megapoxy P1

Megapoxy P1 is a gap-filling paste made out of a volatile organic compound. P1 is a specially created 2-part epoxy resin paste that acts an adhesive to fill the gap between different components including metal or concrete. The product is based on DGEBA epoxy resin and carbonate free filler. It is an ideal product to repair and seal subjects that are always in contact with water. Pipes carrying water in homes or sewage treatment plants have hydrogen sulfide. Megapoxy is resistant to this and so has proven to be ideal for bonding, repairing or sealing these pipes.

Why is epoxy resin put to use?

The Megapoxy P1 is made out of epoxy resin. The material has some features which make it ideal for construction and industrial uses. The Epoxy resins have high viscosity which makes it better filler. Mechanical fasteners and anchoring studs in the deep holes in industries can be now bonded easily with epoxy resins.

The high mechanical property of the epoxy resin over other similar components makes it resistant to thermal and chemical changes. That is why the manufacturing industry and other industries use this compound extensively. Megapoxy P1 is used for industrial application where there is damp. The resin called polyepoxides is resistant to moisture.

Uses for P1

  • The Megapoxy P1 is used in bonding metal to metal or metal to concrete.
  • The adhesive can be used to bond precast concrete articles.
  • Grouting bolts also can be bonded using this compound.
  • Bricks and ceramics, natural stones and compressed cement sheets are bonded using P1.
  • Concrete pipes and tanks, concrete columns and concrete floors and stairs can be repaired and filled using Megapoxy P1.
  • Fiberglass articles, cast iron, and other metals, screws in fiber cement sheet, etc. can be bonded or repaired using P1.

Features of megapoxy

  • The Megapoxy P1 is a simple mix at ratio 1:1 that easily mixes.
  • It is solvent and VOC free.
  • It has good strength retention even in the water. It can bend easily with no sag on vertical or overhead surfaces. Tensile strength and compressive strength is also high.
  • It is resistant to chemical and hence is durable.
  • Megapoxy can be ideal protection to steel in places where concrete cover is thick. It prevents corrosion when applied directly to the steel giving it a bright metal finish. A 3mm layer of P1 providing safeguard to reinforcing steel is equivalent to 50mm layer of concrete.
  • If mixed well and applied properly, the bond strength it provides is permanent and solid.

Preparation for application of megapoxy

The P1 epoxy resin is available in 4 liter and 20-liter packs with 2 years shelf life. It needs to be mixed properly at the right ratio before being applied. No satisfactory cure or discoloring with time might be some results if the mixture is not prepared properly. Metal surfaces must be grit blasted or mechanically abrade to clean the surface before adhesion. Paints must be removed from the metals. Also, concrete surfaces must be cleaned of oil and grease using heavy industrial detergent. Surface laitance can be removed using scabbing or grinding or grit blasting.

It is very important that all necessary steps prepare the surface, mixing at the right ratio and enough precautions to be carried out for using Megapoxy. One need to use rubber gloves to protect hands while working with the compound. In case of skin contact, remove the clothes and wash skin with warm water and soap. If the compound is swallowed, contact the doctor immediately. Wash eyes with an adequate amount of water in case the product is in the eyes. Excess or spillage must be cleaned immediately using Megapoxy thinners.

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