7 Mistakes to Avoid While Looking for Unique Wedding Dresses

Wedding is once in a lifetime moment and, you would not want anything to go wrong with it. The most important part of the wedding is the wedding dress. It has to be unique, special and eye-catching. This brings us to the need for unique wedding dresses. You want a dress that you can see yourself getting married in, a dress that defines who you are and makes you feel strong and confident. But there are certain mistakes most brides make when buying their dream dress. While some mistakes can be minor and negligible, others can hamper the entire look and ruin the day for you.

7 tips to help you select perfect, unique wedding dresses

#1. Experiment with your tastes: A wedding gown is not the same a prom dress or any outfit you wear on a date. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot experiment with your wedding dress. Don’t be scared to try out something “bohemian”. It is a one in a lifetime opportunity and no one will stop you from trying out as many dresses that you want to. While the conventional mermaid type or Cinderella dress still wins the heart of many, experimental style wedding dresses are no less. You might end up surprising yourself by selecting a dress that does not align with any of the ones you have pinned on your inspiration board. And as much as it is your day and your choice that should matter the most, listen to your mother and grandmother as well because this day is special first them as well. Trying out what they think is pretty won’t hurt. You can always select a different one or maybe even end up liking it. Do your research that is very important, but don’t be restricted by it.

#2. Lingerie: The perfect lingerie makes all the difference. It is important that you take a selection of undergarments to the shop when you go dress shopping. That way, after selecting the unique wedding dresses, the bride can get to work on what lingerie can go with it or whether you need to buy new ones. Well, the right set of lingerie will complement your wedding dress for example, some wedding dresses come with a structured bustier, and hence a bra isn’t required. Sometimes you need to go lingerie shopping to go with your unique wedding dress. Usually, a strapless bra in a nude shade is the safest option because they can go with most dress types. All you need to keep in mind while selecting the perfect lingerie is that you need to be comfortable in it, it should not create ugly bulges and you shouldn’t have to spend this beautiful night pulling up your strapless giant to hide your peaking bra.

#3. Avoid taking the entire entourage with you: We know it’s your wedding and it has to be unique. Well, having the entire gang with you can make you feel good, but that is surely going to get you confused when it comes to choosing the right dress. Its always good to take 2-3 people who are close to you while you shop for unique wedding dresses. This will reduce the confusion and also help in making a better decision.

#4. Contemporary or classic: Never forget that fashion is not static; it keeps moving relentlessly. Hence don’t set your heart on a classic wedding gown that lasts 50 years. That is a big thing to ask for and most importantly, our wedding is in the present. Classic is great but, you dress for the time. Make this day about yourself. Don’t be so rigid and select unique wedding dresses that go with your personality and body and most importantly, your dreams because this day will not come back.

#5. Buy a dress that pleases you and not others: When you are on a hunt for the wedding dress make sure that you don’t end up buying a dress that pleases others. You must look good and wear a dress that you love the most. Sometimes you may end up buying a dress which is way higher than your budget or you might not feel comfortable in it. To avoid all these hassles, the best way out is to choose a dress which matches your requirement and appeals you.

#6. Colour and fabric: People usually expect brides to be in a white dress with lots of tulle and lace. But what kind of dress you should wear for your wedding should depend on much more than what people expect you to be in. There is so much that needs to be taken into consideration, be it your skin tone, body type, the vibe you are going for, the bridesmaids, the kind of dress you had envisioned yourself in and do much more. Unique wedding dresses do not necessarily have to be a white Cinderella dress. The colour should be the one you like and the fabric should be the one that lets your skin breathe. Experiment all sorts of colours and types and you will most definitely find the perfect dress which looks and feels right.

#7. Wrong size: When you are choosing your wedding dress, then it’s important that you must choose the one which is of the right size. Hence you must buy it at the right time. If you decide to buy a dress and start shedding weight, the dress might not fit you and altering the dress may affect the overall look of the dress, hence its advisable that you must choose the right size of the dress. Never order a dress too tight in the hopes of losing those extra pounds. Likewise, don’t expect wedding dresses to have the same size number as your regular wears. If you are a size 8 you may be walking down the line in a size 14 or 15. Always ask the consultant to measure your body and alter your dress accordingly. The size you were to work will not match.

Conclusion – With all these tips, you are surely going to end up buying unique wedding dresses which is unique and will create a magical appeal on your wedding day.

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