How to Choose Right Wedding Centerpieces for Rent

Everybody has a dream wedding in their mind, but this dream wedding can be a little more expensive than one might imagine. In the United States, the average price of weddings has nearly reached 90,000 dollars in recent years and now couples are finding ways to spend money on this special day more wisely. Now, there have been speculations of ideas on how to make their special day memorable but within their budget.

The wedding industry is one of the most expensive industries all around the world because even the simple details come with impressive price tags. But now, people have understood that saving some for the future is more important than spending more on a special occasion. Thus, there are simple ways to cut on your costs on small things and one of them is by reducing your flower budgets.

There are cheap accommodations available for wedding flowers which enhance the look of the event without compromising on the elegance of the day. A part of this is to choose the wedding centerpieces for rent and below are some tips which might help you to find them:

Some ideas to choose the right kind of wedding centerpieces for rent

wedding centerpieces for rent

  • Mixing low and tall centerpieces makes the area a little more vibrant and elegant. The area looks more decorated and feels less empty. Adding tall centerpieces helps in adding to the height and makes the room more elegant. Mixing them with the low wedding centerpieces for rent makes space look more compact. They also help in reducing the traffic on gifts and buffet tables and thus, they are great for conserving space.
  • It is important to add wedding centerpieces according to the shape of the table. This is because if the shape of the table is not decided then designing the centerpieces can be a tough task. The most common type of shapes available is round, square, and rectangular and wedding centerpieces for rent are different for different kinds of tables. A single centerpiece is suitable for a roundtable. For a square table that is more spacious in the center and so that can be made more arrangements for wedding centerpieces in the center. For a rectangular table, one can arrange multiple centerpieces by arranging them in patterns to make the table look more attractive and narrow down the cluster on the table.
  • Since the motive is to ensure on spending less money on simple items, you can also save some money by choosing seasonal flowers. To choose local seasonal flowers as wedding centerpieces for rent is a great idea to cut down on your expenses as the shipping costs are quite low and so is the duty fees. More importantly, they look more attractive the smell better and they bloom well. During the spring season, it is advisable to use fragrant spring flowers like lilacs, daffodils, tulips, magnolia, and sweet peas and so on.
  • However, depending upon the location, you might also find some local flowers like peonies and lilies of the valleys as well. Summers are also a great weather to find blooming flowers like daisies, roses, lavenders and many more. For autumn, you might also add some pumpkins, pine cones, and dry leaves along with the flowers in centerpieces to give it an autumn theme. Winters can be little tough upon the flowers, but you might be able to relate them to the holiday mood and choose some elegant flowers.

In the end, it is important to assure to not limit your creativity and bring your dream wedding into reality by giving the theme a considerable amount of attention. Your wedding is a special day and it only comes once in your life. Thus, it is important to assure that you do it just right.

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