How to Care for Your Chrome Semi Truck Fenders and Bumpers

Due to the eye catching gleam and spectacular shine chrome plating add to vehicles, it is no wonder it is now so popular with even semi-truck drivers.

Chrome is a form of metal, chromium, and is used a plating over other metals; either as decorative or acting as a form of protection. Chrome plating on vehicles are most often found on the fenders, bumpers, rims, door handles, and other vehicle parts. Another thing that draws vehicle users to acquiring chrome parts is its relative simplicity to clean, which does not require expensive formulas or cleaning agents and professional work. If your truck is having old, broken accessories, you can find all kinds of chrome accessories on Iowa 80 chrome shop.

Chrome can and does lose its shine easily to dirt and grime, so it is important to clean it constantly to maintain its gleam.

Cleaning chrome fenders and bumpers

#1. Clean with water and soap 

You can first clean your truck fenders with water and soap to remove the grime, mud and minor dirt stains. Cleaning the surface out will also show any rust that may be hidden beneath. Add some liquid soap to water and swish to properly form suds. Dip a piece of cloth in the soapy mixture and scrub the chrome plated areas of your truck. To get to the harder to each grime and debris under the fenders and bumpers, you can use a toothbrush and dip that in the soapy water. After properly scrubbing the chrome, get a fresh bucket of plain water and dip a clean cloth into this. Squeeze out any excess water and run to cloth over the chrome to wipe out the soapy water. Or, you can use a garden hose to rinse.

#2. Vinegar for more stubborn stains

Truck drivers are predisposed to gather dirt on their vehicles, and sometimes the dirt can refuse to come off and stubbornly stay on after a soap and water wash. To solve this problem, simply mix equal parts vinegar and water in a bucket, and use a cloth to clean the area. Once the stain comes off, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

#3. Don’t let chrome air dry

Always towel dry your chrome plating after a wash to avoid it showing water spots. While drying the chrome, take the opportunity to fully inspect for rust on your plating.

#4. Remove rust from chrome

To remove any discovered rust from your semi truck’s chrome plating, you will need some aluminium foil, and a bowl of water. You can also substitute the water with cola or vinegar, although water works just fine. Dip the piece of foil in water to properly get it wet, and then gently rub the foil against the rusted area. Too much pressure is not needed her as the aluminium only requires little friction to get to work. Switch up on the piece of foil often as you clean, and as you rub, the rust on your vehicle will fade and the shininess of the chrome will be restored. Once done to your satisfaction, rinse and dry the area. Remember to not allow chrome plating air dry, as it is liable to develop water spots.

You can also restore some shine to your chrome plated fenders and bumpers by buffing and polishing with baby oil.

If you do not properly protect your semi truck bumpers and fenders, over time it can rust from exposure to the elements. And if it rusts, the rust can cause more vehicle damage which may cause you to need to replace the entire fender or bumper.

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