7 Best Drinking Board Games for Adults

Board games always add to fun and entertainment whether played by kids or adults. Adding the twist of beer & wine with drinking board games at get-togethers increases the fun. Thus, playing these board games with friends and gives a different level of excitement overall.

Whether you like beers or wines, you can pair drinking board games with your favorite drinks. However, some games don’t even require a large number of participants. Thus, you can play these games with two players only and enjoy your Friday nights.

These are Some Amazing Board Drinking Games That Can Add New Twists and Fun to Your Party:

1. Drink-A-Palooza Drinking Board Game: Drink-A-Palooza can be the best choice if you are planning a get-together with your friends at home. This game reminds of childhood memories of playing monopoly. However, this game has a lot of fun, suspense, thrill, and excitement of playing with friends. You can play this game with a maximum of 12 participants at once. Furthermore, this game is an easy option and doesn’t require any additional skill set to play.

2. Tipsy Tower Drinking Board Game: Another exciting drinking board games that adds to fund a while playing with friends is ‘Tipsy Tower’. This game comes with 54 blocks and a rule book. So, if you skip following any rule your friends will give you exciting dares.

Moreover, you can play this game with a large group of friends. Also, it can be a fun twister if you want to spend some quality time with your friends while drinking.

3. Beeropoly Drinking Board Game: This is an easy and exciting game full of fun when you want to spend some quality time with your friends. In this game, you need to roll the dice, moving through a series of drinking challenges. It has straightforward instructions mentioned on the board that doesn’t require any particular skill set while playing this game.

4. Telestrations after Dark: Additionally, telestrations after dark is another best drinking game for adults’ party night. It can entertain a large group of participants at once. This game is a perfect choice for people who are looking for just a funny way of entertainment. The best part is it includes great laughs with around 1200 different, funny, and weird word prompts.

5. Drinking Dice Board Game: The drinking dice is one of the most cost-effective board games for two or more players. This game has some exciting dares written on the dice. You can make this game more exciting and interesting by pairing these dice with other board games as well.

6. Sink or Shoot Drinking Board Game: Sink or shoot drinking board games are an updated version of Battleship. If you liked Battleship then you will definitely love to play the Sink or Shoot game now. In this board game, there are wooden ships filled with shot glasses. Then, you have to aim to sink your opponent’s ship by guessing the coordinates correctly. Every time you guess the coordinates right, your opponent has to drink.

7. Pass out Drinking Board Game: This is a fun board game that includes a lot of tongue twisters and drinking. It is set up just like monopoly with many squares of different colors. In this, the players need to roll out the dice to start and collect the 10 pink elephant cards while drinking. Meanwhile, they need to say tongue twisters, which get hard with each step.


If you are looking for some excitement on a Friday night with your friends then, you must go for these thrilling drinking board games. These games have fun twisters if you are looking forward to spending some great time with your close friends.

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