History and Benefits of Hip Hop Dance Classes

Hip Hop can be fairly stated as one of the most influential and popular dance styles. Originally it came from African dancing but became a new style in the streets. Although it emerged between the 1960’s and 1970’s, it has evolved with time and flourished. You can learn this particular style from the online hip hop dance classes.

Hip Hop incorporates many features from other dance styles, such as tap dance, modern dance, and swing. It creates a beautiful and energetic form of art by combining complex movements with integrating music. Primarily it was invented on the East Coast, New York, specifically. West Coast found its style later on.

What are The Essential Elements to Learn In Hip Hop Dance Classes?

Hip Hop is more than just a dance style. It is much more than that. It involves many things and dance, such as fashion, music, writing, and many more. It has its language.

Here are The Basic Elements of Hip Hop Dancing:

#1. Popping: Popping involves a quick contraction and relaxation of the muscles in your body. Popping is involved in other dance forms as well. It creates a sudden jerk in the body. It is the poses with the musical beats.

#2. Locking: Locking is a series of fast movements. Each movement gets into the next by locking or holding the last position for a few seconds. Locking carries a comic feel in itself. Dancers perform this usually to soul or funk music. Locking involves exact and distinct movements of hands and arms while the legs and hip remain relaxed. You can learn everything in hip hop dance classes.

#3. Boogaloo: Boogaloo creates an illusion of a body with no bone. Boogaloo involves loose rolling movements of the head, legs, hips, and knees. This style is close to popping.

#4. B-Dance or Break-Dance: It is also popularly known as b-boying or b-girling. You can learn this very important style in online classes as well. Breaking is very diverse and improvisational. The breaking movements can be performed at many levels.

In addition, there are other popular styles like lyrical, stepping, liquid dance, reggae, funk, and up-rock.

Why choose How Hip Hop Dance?

You can learn various dance styles. However, as we said, Hip Hop has its language and is more than just dancing. So if you want to pop it and lock it, enroll for the Hip Hop classes to have these benefits as well.

#1. It Empowers: Hip Hop dance highly boosts your confidence. With its power-packed moves, one gets the feeling of owning the floor. With the sassy moves, you will indeed have a smile on your face while performing.

#2. Makes You More Expressive: The hip hop dance classes can be highly beneficial for you as it is a great opportunity for both children and adults to make some improvisations on their freestyle. Hip Hop dancing is about letting the music take control of your body. It is an excellent opportunity to re balance your emotions by expressing yourself.

#3. It is fun: Hip Hop is too much fun to learn. The dance styles and the Hip Hop music can make you or your kid forget about the surroundings. A sense of liberty is always associated with Hip Hop dance.

#4. It Makes You Physically Fit: Hip Hop involves a lot of physical fitness as the style is diverse and need powerful movements. Not only do the dancers attain physical fitness, but they also enhance their flexibility, balance, and coordination. 


If you love to dance, you can always enroll in the online hip hop dance classes. Get into this art form with its distinct features and immense benefits on one’s physical and mental health. Additionally, it also increases one’s creativity.

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