What Is Concrete Saw And How Does It Help In Achieving The Finest Look?

A Concrete Saw is extremely useful when it comes to refurbishing your concrete driveways. It facilitates the cutting procedure and makes the cutting process a cakewalk. Concrete sawing can be used in masonry, brick, asphalt, tile and any solid material of that sort. Alternatively known as Consaw, Concrete Saws entitle you to choose its blades as per your preference.

What Are The Different Categories Of Concrete Saw And How They Are Productive?

Concrete saws are classified into two different categories such as- Small handheld and Bigger walk-behind. Walk behind saws are the old school category which are very heavyweight and thus used for carrying out mammoth tasks. Small handheld concrete saws, on the other hand, are way lightweight as compared to its other counterpart hence they are a quick-fix option for lighter tasks. The latter category, that is to say, is mostly used to carry out smaller surface missions.

What Are The Different Blades That You Can Avail In Concrete Saws?

The blade that is used in a Concrete Saw is called diamond saw blade. Diamond saw blades are typically designed to cut the concrete in desired proportions. The Concrete saw blades differ in terms of diameter. It, however, solely depends on the blade as to what diameters a diamond saw blade can embody.  Here under are some different types of blades that are used in Concrete Saw.

Masonry Blades: 

This is the archaic types of blades that are used to cut concrete. The Masonry blades are generally used to cut hard surfaces of concrete, but they are equally prone to running down soon in order to that. The primary reason why Masonry blades are highly sought after is that they are inexpensive. However, the only setback of the Masonry blades is that their durability is limited. We won’t suggest the buyers to invest on Masonry blades unless they want a shallow cut.

concrete saw

Diamond blades: 

Diamond blades are used for dry cutting mostly as they are sturdy enough to run on hard surfaces. Diamond saw blades are made with diamond and metal composite on the edges that are infallible for cutting the hard surfaces. The jagged edges of the dry cutting blades help them cool down faster. These blades are highly efficient as compared to the Masonry blades that get wrecked sooner.

Wet-cutting diamond blades: 

The wet cutting blades stand apart from other counterparts as because those don’t have a topsy-turvy age and it is smooth. The reason why the blade is called wet cutting is the workers use water to lubricate the blade for a better functioning before using that on the concrete. Due to the usage of water, the blade becomes fiercer and cuts the concrete like a breeze. Hence, a lot of human effort is minimized. The wet-cutting diamond blades are a great choice for hard surface jobs and thus these have a widespread use among the concrete cutting professionals.

What Are The Precautions That Are Needed To Be Taken While Using The Concrete Saw?

Concrete cutting can entail a lot of health hazards because of the dust that it emanates. The dust consists of sizeable amounts of crystalline silica and can cause many airborne diseases. To eradicate the problem, the workers are required to take some precautionary measures which will keep those diseases at bay such as:

  • They should make sure that there is sufficient water supply at the working site
  • Diamond Saw blades should be used over abrasive saw blades as they ensure a finer cutting
  • The professionals should never ditch the designated work wear while conducting the project.

Concrete Saw is extremely useful in cutting the concrete. In fact, it is the most indispensable part of the entire project. Hence, the cutting saw blades should be chosen wisely for a better and safer outcome.

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