Top 5 Best Youtubers in the World

Whether you’re into music, comedy, or anything in between, you probably follow some of the world’s best Youtubers. Here are a few of the best, according to both fans and experts alike.

asmongold girlfriend

Known as Zack Asmongold grilfriend, he is a famous video game player. He is most renowned for his streaming skills on the Twitch platform. He has amassed a huge fan base with over 236 million views, and is also known for his contribution to the OTK community.

In August 2018, Asmongold and his girlfriend, Pink Sparkles, officially announced their relationship, though they did not tell the media about their relationship. They have dated for more than a year and have been together for about 1.5 years. Their relationship seems to be going well. They have a good understanding of each other’s opinions, which makes them a solid pair.

Asmongold is one of the best World of Warcraft streamers, and his career has taken off. He is also known for his passion for food. He loves sandwiches, and he is a huge fan of food from all sorts of restaurants.


Despite PewDiePie’s popularity, T-Series has become the world’s most subscribed YouTube channel. The Indian music and film label began in 1983 by Gulshan Kumar, who marketed pirated cassette tapes. However, the label took off in 1990 with the release of the soundtrack to the Bollywood film Aashiqui. The soundtrack became one of the best selling Bollywood soundtrack albums of all time.

T-Series has a storied history. In the early 1990s, the label was responsible for the burgeoning Indian music industry. Many of the best selling Bollywood music albums of the time were released under the T-Series label. Eventually, T-Series transitioned from hawking pirated cassette tapes to Bollywood soundtracks. As a result, T-Series became a major label.

T-Series is owned by Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited. The company is based in Mumbai, India. Its main business is the production and distribution of music videos and film productions. As of May 2019, T-Series has more than 2.8 billion views per month.

SET India

SET India is one of the top television channels in India. It broadcasts 24 hours of entertainment every day. SET India airs variety of shows and movies, along with live streams. It also airs shows like Indian Idol and India’s Got Talent. The channel has 56 billion views. Its content is made up of a combination of music videos, live stream, and compilations. Some of the channels’ videos display the lyrics on the bottom part of the screen.

Bhuvan Bam is a popular YouTuber from Delhi. He is known for his creative videos and funny short films. He plays several characters in his videos and his videos have a high number of views. He also focuses on parody and crowd engagement. He recently launched his video series Dhindora.

Like Nastya

Probably the best known YouTube channel for children is Like Nastya. The channel is run by the Miami-based family of an 8-year-old girl named Nastya. The videos on the channel show Nastya’s life, including her family vacations, trips to amusement parks, and unpacking toys.

Nastya’s YouTube channel is one of the top five most subscribed YouTube channels for children in the world. The videos on the channel cover important social topics and provide educational entertainment for children. It has a variety of videos, including nursery rhymes and storytimes. The videos are dubbed in ten languages and have racked up over 110 billion views.

The “About” section of the Like Nastya channel consists of basic statistics and a description of the content. This section is also notable for its inclusion of videos from other YouTube channels.

Zee Music Company

Founded in 1997, Zee Music Company is a subsidiary of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, one of the top television media companies in India. Zee Music Company has a library of over two hundred thousand hours of television content, and a presence in over 171 countries.

Zee Music Company is one of the biggest producers of Hindi programming in the world. Its YouTube channel has an audience of more than one billion people.

Zee Music Co is a subsidiary of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, which is based in Mumbai. Zee Entertainment CEO Punit Goenka said that the emergence of technology was the reason for the launch of the company’s YouTube channel.

T-Series is India’s largest music label and film studio. The company has over three hundred thousand movie titles in its library.

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