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Things to Consider While Visiting A Children’s Optometrist

The surge in the use of electronic gadgets these days causes too much strain on the eyes. This is especially true when it comes to children, whose eyes are still tender and are more susceptible to eye problems due to digital eye strain. Also, in case there is no proper intervention, chances are good that these problems elevate and continue into their adulthood. To determine if your child has any problems with their eyes, a consultation with a children’s optometrist is very essential. He/she will check your child’s eyes for any refractive errors and prescribe spectacles or other visual aids.

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Signs that indicate that your child needs to be taken to a children’s optometrist

Though every child above the age of 3 should have a regular eye examination by an expert optometrist, however, here are some of the alarming signs that your child might show indicating that there is a need for an immediate appointment with an optometrist.

#1. Your child cannot read the classroom boards

This is one of the most common signs that children exhibit when there is a need for a consultation with an Optometrist. Your child might be unable to read the board probably because he/she has developed myopia or hypermetropia. So, never ignore these indications by your child or the teacher.

#2. Your child squints his or her eyes

Another tell tale sign that it is high time to visit your children’s optometrist is when your child is putting too much stress on his/her eyes to see something. This is called squinting. It may either be due to myopia or any other eye conditions. There is also a condition called squint eye. Never wait for things to advance, but get it checked in the initial stages itself to avoid complications.

#3. Red eyes

Temporary redness in the eyes if any foreign body has entered the eyes is normal and should go away after a few minutes or when the foreign body is removed through washing with water. But, if the redness persists or the redness is not the result of a foreign body entering the eye, it is better to visit an optometrist to be on the safer side. He/she may also recommend special eye wear to prevent digital eye strain.

If your child shows any or all of these signs and any other sign that makes you doubtful about their vision, it is better to get his/her eyes checked immediately by a children’s optometrist.

Now, let us look into a few things that you may need to consider while visiting you child’s optometrist.

Things to consider before taking your child to the optometrist

#1. Reputation of the optometrist

Everybody knows at least one person who wears spectacles. So, ask them about their optometrist and their experience with them. Consider visiting the one who has a decent reputation in the field. Online research might also help.

#2. You child’s past history

If your child already wears spectacles, make sure you take the previous prescription to the optometrist’s office. If there were any previous damages or surgeries related to eye or head that your child underwent in the past, make sure the optometrist is aware of it.

What to expect in an optometrist’s office?

Your child will be shown several charts consisting of letters various sizes and will be asked to read. There will be a comprehension test of your child’s eye power. Then, depending on the results, the optometrist will prescribe spectacles of a particular power for regular usage.

These were a few things that you, as a parent need to know before taking your child to a children’s optometrist. Hope this helps.

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