5 Substances That Can Ruin Your Vehicle’s Paint

If you’re thinking about selling your car for car removals, you’ll want to be sure to take steps to protect your vehicle’s paint. Even seemingly harmless substances can cause serious damage to your car’s paint if you’re not careful. In this blog post, we’ll explore 5 common substances that can ruin your car’s paint, so you can make sure to avoid them and keep your vehicle looking its best for car removals.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is frequently applied on vehicles as a joke, especially during weddings. The prank frequently involves writing messages with shaving cream on the car. Even while it could initially seem like a fun concept, shaving cream can turn the paint into a different hue.

If shaving cream is applied to your car while it is still frothy, the paint won’t become stained. Make careful to rinse off any dried shaving cream before it hardens, as this will prevent discolouration.

Vehicle Fluid

Various fluids are needed by your car to keep it operating properly. However, the fluid should never be spilt on the outside of your automobile; it should always go inside. The majority of auto fluids will harm your paint.

These fluids include coolant and brake fluid. These fluids cause the paint on your car to grow softer, making it more vulnerable to damage. Remove any fluid that may have mistakenly gotten on your car’s exterior as soon as you can.

Bird Droppings

Coming outdoors to discover your vehicle covered with bird droppings is a common nuisance for car owners. Bird droppings can damage the paint of your car in addition to looking disgusting. This is especially true if the bird droppings are not cleared straight away.

The paint of your car won’t be impacted by bird droppings for more than 3 minutes. Because they include a significant proportion of uric acid, bird droppings can have a pH as high as 4.5. The paint and wax layers of your car will be eaten away by this corrosive acid. Always park your car indoors and never beneath a tree to prevent this situation.


An egg yolk is another acidic ingredient that can damage the paint of your car. Unfortunately, it’s also a regular prank to toss eggs at moving automobiles. These jokers might not be aware of the harm they could do to the paint on your car.

The paint on your car may be harmed by more than just the yolk. The base coat of the paint may be completely removed by the egg’s split shell. You must remove any eggs that have landed on your automobile immediately away. Like shaving cream and bird dung, the longer egg yolks remain on your car, the more harm they do.


To assist melt ice on the roads, salt is used in several places. As a result, driving on ice-covered roads is safer. Fortunately, Florida does not reside in the salt belt, the region of the country where salt is applied to roads the most.

You should be informed that they may apply salt on the roads in the winter if you plan on visiting the Northeastern or Midwest regions of the country. Salt eats through your paint because it is corrosive. If you must go to an area where salt is utilized, wash your car as soon as you can.

Contact Automotive Super Sports if any of the aforementioned chemicals significantly damage the paint on your car. Free inspections are available, and a hassle-free lifetime warranty is included with every vehicle body repair.


In conclusion, it is important to be mindful of the substances that can ruin your vehicle’s paint. From harsh cleaners to acid rain, these substances can cause permanent damage to your car’s paint and require costly repairs or car removals. To avoid this kind of damage, make sure you keep your car clean and waxed. If you do experience any serious paint damage, don’t hesitate to contact a professional for car removals and repairs.

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