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Prominent Facilities of Installing Concrete Driveways at Residential Properties

A driveway is a short path through which a vehicle is driven up to the garage of a building. Hence, this pathway needs to be made of durable materials that can bear heavy loads of automobiles. Since concrete is counted among the most durable building materials, many people prefer concrete driveways for their homes. Good quality concrete is costlier than asphalt and gravels for constructing driveways. The better durability and other benefits encourage house owners in choosing concrete over all other materials, including bricks and cobblestone.

Major advantages of preferring concrete driveways

  • Higher durability – It is found that concrete driveways are more durable than driveways made of asphalt or other materials. The longevity of these concrete surfaces can be compared only to materials built from natural rocks and stainless steel. The hard plane cannot be easily cracked or distorted due to the adverse effects of chemicals, atmospheric humidity or air pollutions. The professional look of concrete surfaces may last for a lifetime.
  • Aesthetic beauty – Normally, the upper layer is of light grey shade, which can be deepened with the use of coloured pigments in the concrete mixture. The natural texture of a concrete driveway matches all types of architectural styles of houses. However, various designs can be created on the concrete surfaces, rendering an elegant look to the driveways.
  • Resistant to heat and UV rays – The concrete surface does not absorb heat and UV rays from sunlight, for which it remains much cooler than an asphalt driveway. It is more comfortable to walk over concrete driveways in summer, mainly in warmer regions. As concrete deflects heat, it cannot melt or be damaged even during the extreme summer heat, unlike the asphalt surface that tends to melt due to severe heat. Moreover, the capability of light reflection is effective in saving light energy on the driveways.
  • Can bear heavier loads – Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, and stone chips, all of which are rigid materials. The surfaces can take much heavier loads and remain intact even after large trucks passing over these driveways. On the contrary, driveways made of asphalt and other flexible materials can be easily damaged by heavy vehicles.
  • Need lesser maintenance – These do not need any expensive maintenance, as only regular cleaning is sufficient for retaining the graceful look of concrete driveways. However, the contraction joints of these driveways need to be treated periodically with effective sealers, to prevent shrinking of the concrete on changes of atmospheric temperatures.
  • Increases property value – When a residential property has a concrete driveway, potential buyers show more interest in buying it. The longevity of this driveway helps the owner to sell the house at a satisfactory price even after many years. The expense for constructing this concrete structure is a worthy investment for a house owner.
  • More environment-friendly – A very little amount of energy is needed for producing the concrete mixture, compared to the asphalt or other building materials. Therefore, concrete driveways are considered to be beneficial for the environment, as the seal coatings of other driveways draw more energy from the atmosphere.

The concrete mixture hardens very quickly and thus, concrete driveways can be constructed only in a day. All the grasses and other vegetation should be eliminated from the ground where the driveway will be made. However, expert professionals should be hired for this construction work, for preparing the ground, making the concrete paste, and pouring it over the designated space for a driveway. The perfect installation of the concrete driveway is essential to achieve all the above-mentioned benefits for a house owner.

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