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What is pink Himalayan salt?

Himalayan rock salt is a pink natural rock salt. It is mined in the Punjab region of Pakistan at the foot of the Himalayas. The pink color is due to the presence of iron oxide. Pink Himalayan salt bulk is unlike any other salt in the world. The beautiful colors, ranging from pink to red, occur naturally due to the unique mineralogical composition of this twin salt. Under the microscope, the salt crystals form beautiful and perfect geometric patterns.


Pink Himalayan salt has been formed over the past 250 million years and is considered the purest and most beautiful salt in the world. Friends Rock Salt is an innovative source of Himalayan pink salt in bulk; we started exporting quality salt in 2016 and now serve over 40 companies worldwide.

Thanks to our well-organized and up-to-date service, we gained valuable and reliable buyers and customers. Whether you are an importer, distributor or brand owner, we can offer you the best wholesale Himalayan rock salt products. We maintain international quality standards through certification.

Hand harvested salt:

This Himalayan salt traditionally hand-harvested from the Khewra salt mines in the Pakistani Himalayas, unprocessed and untreated, with no additives or anticoagulants. The mine is a mineral salt deposit formed by the evaporation of ancient seawater, but the base buried when the mountains were formed. Himalayan salt has fine particles and can be used as a healthy alternative to salt for various applications.

This pink Himalayan salt only used in table salt, and its bright pink color clearly shows the restaurant’s commitment to healthy, high-quality food. This fine salt works well with baking recipes. It used to color savory margaritas, to season grilled meats, fish, vegetables, soups and stews, or as an accompaniment to appetizers. San Francisco Salt Company imports high-quality Himalayan salt for nutritional purposes directly from the source.

Usage of pink salt:

Himalayan salt used at any time, but it recommended to store it to enhance the taste of your food. As it is an expensive salt, it is best to use it only on special occasions and use table salt otherwise. Use it as a salt in chocolate truffles and meringues.

Himalayan  purchased in health food shops, some grocery shops and on the internet. Himalayan salt is highly nutritious and contains 84 trace elements and natural minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium, whose pink color is characteristic of Himalayan salt.

Due to its high mineral content, Himalayan salt has many health and healing benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, balancing the body’s pH and promoting blood circulation. The mineral content also makes this pink salt stronger and cleaner in flavor than other salts, making it suitable for both cooking and seasoning.

Other salts vs. Himalayan salts:

It usually has larger crystals than table salt, so each teaspoon contains less sodium than table salt. There is little difference in taste. However, because Himalayan salt usually in larger crystals, its taste considered saltier than table salt (e.g. common sea salt). Remember that Himalayan salt is saltier than table salt, so you need to use a lower salt concentration per serving to get the same taste.

 Pink Himalayan Salt bulk Wholesale Exporter:

We are the best manufacturer and exporter of wholesale Himalayan Rock Salt. Friend’s Rock Salt is the original wholesale exporter of Himalayan rock salt products. we started exporting salt in 2016 and now we serve more than 40 companies in different countries. And we have become a most trusted Himalayan rock salt wholesaler in Pakistan. Whether you are an importer, distributor or brand owner, we can offer you the best products.

It is offering the healthiest Himalayan pink salt blocks. We a family owned and operated company dedicated to manufacturing, importing and marketing high quality Himalayan rock salt products. We source large quantities of Himalayan salt blocks directly from the Himalayan Mountains, which guarantees the best quality, yet 100% natural. As the best supplier, we export salt according to the needs and requirements of our customers efficiently and safely.

We take care of our customers in all aspects of extraction, production and export. Our prices are reasonable and our unmatched price competitiveness in bulk Himalayan salt prices enables us to get a tangible deal from the salt industry.

What Standard Salts offer our customers are, of course, Himalayan salt stones of the highest quality for edible use. Once you contact us, we promise to offer you comprehensive advice and excellent Himalayan products. New technological innovations ensure the safety of our customers by sourcing Himalayan rock salt in large quantities directly from the mines using the latest technology and delivering it to our valued customers.

Health benefits of Himalayan salt:

  • Improved hydration through the addition of micro nutrients
  • Reduced muscle soreness due to improved mineral and hydration
  • Stabilization of blood sugar levels
  • Detoxifying effect
  • Supports hormonal balance in all people
  • Acts as a powerful antihistamine

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