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Are Pandora Rings Good Quality

Your Pandora rings could be the ring that you have been looking for to be your own signature. The ring’s design comes with a range in precious metals. Pandora rings are made of 14k yellow sterling silver, gold, and a blend of metals called Pandora Rose. Whichever metal you select you’ll need to take care of your trinket. It begs the question: Will Pandora rings get tarnished or rust? This is a good question we have spent some time researching to answer for this article.

Pandora rings are made of top-quality finishes that prevent the tarnishing. They eventually will tarnish and especially silver rings however this is a possibility through regular maintenance. They’re not made of steel or iron, so they cannot be expected to rust. Read on to find what you need to know about Pandora makes beautiful rings that aren’t likely to wear off for a long time to be.

Do Pandora Rings Rust Or Tarnish?

Pandora makes use of high-end materials to create their jewelry. Metal finishes such as oxidation or plating are utilized in their designs to stop or slow the tarnishing process. According to Pandora the fact that not only does the process of oxidation reduce tarnish, but it also reproduces the natural process that occurs in silver as time passes.

The plating technique is another method that Pandora employs to stop the tarnishing. Silver rings are plated using black Rhodium. Pandora Rose rings are composed of silver and copper coated with rose gold. In simple terms it is a coating that protects. While these methods can ensure that your treasures look stylish for a long time, any item that is plated can tarnish over time and especially silver.

Metals Used In Pandora Rings

To aid us in understanding the process of tarnish, and how to combat it, let’s look at a look at the colors of metal Pandora uses for their rings The colors include: gold (14k), Sterling Silver, Two Tone and Pandora Rose.

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Rings made from gold from Pandora’s Pandora range are 14k. Be aware the fact that gold in its pure form is extremely soft which is why mixing it with other metals enhances its strength and endurance. Gold is a well-known choice. Many choose gold for their rings due to the fact that it is durable and resists corrosion.


Pandora utilizes 92.5 percent pure silver in their rings. This is referred to as sterling silver. It’s very popular for rings that are fashion-forward because the cost is much lower than gold. Similar to gold it is also an extremely soft metal and needs to be amalgamated with other metals when making jewelry. Silver is susceptible to oxidation and is less durable than gold.

Two Tone

The rings made by Pandora’s Two Tone series are made using a mixture of 14k yellow sterling silver and gold.

Pandora Rose

SavePandora Rose(tm) Sparkling Bow RingPrecious Accents, Ltd.PANDORA Rose(tm) Sparkling Bow Ring A mix of mostly silver and copper comprise the metals of Pandora Rose. The finished rings are plated with rose gold plating, which prevents the tarnishing. Once we know more about the different metals employed, we can decide the best way to take care of our rings. Here are some common concerns.

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Can I Wear My Pandora Ring In The Shower

It is possible to wear your ring in the shower, however it’s not advised. Everyday exposure to soaps, water and lotions can accelerate the process of tarnishing, especially if the ring is sterling silver as well as Pandora Rose. Do not swim with your ring in. The chemicals in hot tubs as well as saltwater won’t be friendly to your rings. Your jewelry will get stained naturally, but the pool and saltwater can speed up the process.

Do Pandora Rose Gold Rings Tarnish

Pandora The rose rings have been coated with plating and with a coating that helps to ward away the appearance of tarnish. Rings begin to show wear and tear in normal usage. Small scratches could enhance the likelihood of damaged coating. As the coating wears away the metals of the rings–copper and silver will be exposed, and eventually begin to tarnish. The darkening of the pink color over time. It’s a normal process, and can be seen as an added character to your jewellery. The proper care and maintenance of your ring will prolong its beauty infinitum.

Why Is My Pandora R ing Turning Black

Your Pandora jewelry is stained. The black color on your jewelry is an indication of an oxidation process. It is most likely that silver material to darken quickly. Over time, coatings will are worn off Pandora Rose and sterling silver rings. In this stage, they naturally change. The tarnishing of your rings can be increased when exposed to water and air in addition, contact with soaps or lotions, perfumes, every other item you might imagine. The natural oils on your skin and sweat are also culprits.

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Gold-plated rings are less likely to tarnish since Pandora utilizes 14k gold. Remember, however, that there are other elements in this jewelry which are susceptible to the process of oxidation.Your rings will not be damaged however. Regular maintenance and cleaning is crucial to maintain the shine of your trinkets over time.

How Do I Get Away From Pandora Ring

Pandora Rings are considered to be fashion jewellery or even costume jewelry. Although they are made of top quality metals, they needs a bit of attention. For all rings, polishing using an abrasive cloth is the best way for keeping your rings in good condition and shine. Rings need to be polished every wear. If your ring is especially dirty, possibly due to some activity or not being polished then you can polish it using warm water, mild soap, and a sponge or soft fabric. Do not immerse your ring in any water.

Sterling silver rings can be polished using the help of a silver cleaner. Cleanse with water and mild soap first, then polish using an abrasive cloth. If necessary to polish, apply a dab of a silver cleaner on the cleaning cloth. Cleaning cloths that have polishing compounds built into the cloth are also available. Pandora Rose rings can be damaged when you use polishing fluids as well as silver dips. Cleaning cloths should not be contaminated of any cleaning agents. Ultrasonic cleaning isn’t advised either.

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Amazon has cleaning cloths available which are free of any cleaning chemicals, which is ideal for all of your Pandora rings.

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Pandora has also developed an cleaning kit which includes an apron to clean the Pandora Rose and silver rings. Go hereto check out this Pandora Care Kit Gift Set on Amazon. To clean your sterling jewelry made of silver Pandora jewelry, an piece of cloth that contains a cleaning compound with a cleaning compound can be utilized. Click this linkto check out our Pandora’s Silver Jewelry and Charms polishing Cloth available on Amazon.

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It is true that your Pandora rings are designed to last for a lifetime, however, like all jewelry, it will wear off with time. Be sure to take care of your jewelry!

How To Store Your Pandora Ring

As gorgeous as it may be however, there will come a time when you must get rid of your ring. It is recommended not to wear the ring all the time. It’s all about making an impression. The best way to store rings is to store it in a container or bag for jewelry.

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It is possible to do this every day in your daily routine. If you want to store your ring for longer periods of time, when you don’t wear your rings for a couple of days or longer, store it inside a tarnish-proof case or bag. The safest way to protect your ring is to keep it away from heat and moisture can reduce the process of oxidation, keeping your ring sparkling for longer.

Take Care Of Your Ring

Rings express your unique style. No matter if you’re wearing a Pandora ring is part of the Stackable collection or the Statement collection, you can be sure that it won’t get rusty. However, tarnishing is inevitable if you don’t take care of it regularly.

Use the advice in this post to keep your ring sparkling for the rest of your life.

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