Mercedes Benz Service

All You Need To Know About Mercedes Benz Service

When we are deciding about the Mercedes Benz service we must only rely on the experts. The brand has its own service department with qualities and certified technicians who know what functions to perform for maintaining the Mercedes vehicle. However, not all of us are aware of the basics of a Mercedes vehicle servicing. It is always recommended to develop some knowledge about the subject in order to ensure a long shelf life for the vehicle.

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Everything about Mercedes Benz service

  • When to avail the service: First of all, you must realize that the first recommended Mercedes Benz service is when the vehicle has run for one year or roughly 10,000 miles. This time is recommended by the company itself when it sells you a vehicle. The second servicing is due after two years or after it has roughly driven around 20,000 miles. The time recommendation of services can also vary from one Mercedes model to another. The service advisory department or customer care can help you to know your next servicing time accurately if you ask them.
  • Service components: As an owner, you must know what the first or A Mercedes Benz service components are. Understanding this knowledge will help you realize how essential this service is for our precious automobile.

The following list of services will be made:

  1. Synthetic replacement of motor oil
  2. Replacement of oil filter.
  3. Check fluid levels and make all the corrections which are considered important by the Mercedes service department based on the year and model of the Mercedes.
  4. Inflation of tire checking and making corrective measures if needed.
  5. Brake components thorough inspection.
  6. Reset the maintenance counter.

The Mercedes Benz service ensures that it is in compliance of all the basic requirements based on the model of the vehicle and the year as mentioned in the checklists of the maintenance department.

  • Second or B service: The second service for the Mercedes is scheduled in another two years’ time or if you have driven on the road for over 20,000 miles approximately. This exact time requirement will again be suggested to you by the Mercedes service and maintenance team executives. This is also different as per the year as well as the vehicle model.

Following are the basic service checks that the service providers will undergo:

  1. Synthetic oil to be replaced.
  2. The filter oil to be checked and replaced.
  3. Cabin dust or a combination of filter replacements.
  4. Exchanging the brake fluids.
  5. Make some basic inspections and then correcting fluids based on the internal and year and model.
  6. Check and make corrections to the inflations.
  7. The brakes to be checked and corrected if needed.
  8. Make the counter reset.

All the above basic criteria must be met, and this is ensured by the Mercedes Benz service exporters. You must understand the significance of regular maintenance of your vehicle.

A Mercedes is not a very cheap vehicle. Very few chosen people with high economic status can purchase a Mercedes and use it. No one wants to give away a Mercedes soon because it creates a mesmerizing effect. But if it is not maintained properly then it can lose its appeal very soon. You must understand how important it is to go for the Mercedes Benz service at the recommended time interval without any delay. Getting more information about the entire servicing components will help you to realize why it is crucial for the car. A good Mercedes is pleasing for all and you must not neglect it.

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