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How Important is the USB In the Era of Cloud Storage

In our day to day living, we frequently use technological gadgets like the USB. With the introduction of cloud storage, the importance of USB – a portable removable device that serves in storing data, is depleting these days.

On the other hand cloud storage is a service which maintains data and manages it remotely.

The files can be stored online, so that you can access them from any location with the help of the internet.

USB, however also holds some great pros above the cloud storage. This application is quite famous as everyone at some time, or the other has used this whether in professional or in personal lives.

Also, USB to DH+ helps you connect your computer to a data highway, which the cloud storage is not going to offer.

Advantages of Using Cloud Storage

There are some points that will let you know whether to go for USB or the cloud storage for storing your files and data.

#1. Internet connection:

The working of the cloud requires an internet connection; however, USB flash drives don’t need any internet connection. You can connect the USB into your computer anytime you want without taking concern about the internet connection. So, basically if you don’t have an internet connection, you have no access to your own data.

#2. Sharing the information:

USB flash drives allow the information’s accessible to be set by the user them, while the cloud enables users to share the information with any third party.

#3. Security:

It is a big issue with cloud storage as you can’t fully trust the third party on the ground of keeping your information confidential. Also, you can find out that who has access to your server. On the other, hand these issues are not entertained in the case of USB as everything is in your hand, in your own device.

#4. Price:

USB drives are relatively too cheap as compared to cloud storage. Once you have purchased the USB device you can use it throughout without paying a single penny, but in case of cloud storage, you need to pay monthly or annually to increase the storage space of your need.

#6. Access:

The cloud storage can allow easy access to the data from most digital devices without physically giving it to anyone. However, USB flash drives require a user to have access to the stored data.

#7. Ample storage:

External hard drives, i.e. the USB give you more storage amount. So you can download lots of movies, TV shows etc. more efficiently than the cloud storage where you get only a few gigabytes of free storage.

All these points can give a bright idea about what you are going to choose. A cloud cannot provide all the benefits that USB drives can, like the USB to DH+ service. Similarly, USB drives can also not offer all the benefits cloud storage can offer.

If you are supposed to make a choice, look after all the points and then most probably the answer can be ‘both’.

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