How To Motivate Yourself To Workout, When You Don’t Feel Like It

We’ve all been there. We introduce an exciting new plan for our life because we want to be fitter and better. Suddenly you feel a bit sick, you have a headache, you’re too tired, and it becomes more challenging to get back on the workout wagon.

So how do you keep yourself motivated when you simply don’t feel like backing out?

Well, much of it comes down to admitting that sometimes actually you do need the rest, and watching your favorite show on Netflix is good for the soul. Even so, here are some tips to help you maintain your motivation to work out regularly.

Easy does it

If you don’t feel like doing a complete workout, the next best thing is to do a smaller one. A short workout still means you’re getting an exercise in, but you don’t have to commit to something that you don’t feel up to doing. It is essential that while you should be committed, you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself when you don’t feel great. If you need a slower workout, then try yoga for a gentle stretch.

Remind yourself

Remind yourself why you are working out. If it is for health reasons, remind yourself what will happen if you do not do that workout.

If it is for personal reasons and you just want to feel great, remind yourself how you felt before you started working out.

Perhaps you are working out because you want to lose weight, you want to increase your fitness levels, gently remind yourself of that fact.

Use your why as motivation.

Make it fun

One of the biggest problems is that many people don’t make their workouts fun. Or they try to do the same workout over and over again. We are only human, and humans tend to get bored when things are the same. You can mix up your activities and add something in by XTHERAPY athletics to rejuvenate that excitement you feel. They also have online classes so you can do it from home.


If you find yourself trying to skip out on workouts more often, then it might be time to get an accountability buddy. Somebody who has similar goals as you do. When you decide that you don’t want to exercise, they can motivate you to do it. Even a little bit of healthy competition about who can run the most miles or lose the most inches over the space of a few months can help.

You can even find accountability groups online on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Look for people that inspire you. They don’t have to inspire you in terms of they are working out every single day, all that they have any kind of a healthy diet. What is important is they encourage you to do better. This inspiration can carry through and get you back on that static bike or pounding the pavements.


You are more likely to meet your goals if there is an award at the end of it. It is essential that you don’t try and use food like pizza and chocolate to have your reward system. Because you May feel guilty about eating the delicious treat. Instead of your food like that as a balance. So for rewards, think about things like a fun pair of leggings for your next workout, an upgrade to your running shoes, or even a whole day of rest.


As mentioned in the opening paragraph, you sometimes need to listen to what your body is telling you. Sometimes your body will be telling you that you need to have a refreshing glass of water, and other times it will be telling you that you need a more gentle motion today. Getting to know your body is one of the most exciting things about working out.

And let’s not forget the absolute joy of completing the class or a new yoga pose. Although you might be sweating, red, and slightly out of breath as you take part in your chosen exercise, afterward, you are going to feel fantastic because you conquered your workout for the day and you and found your motivation.

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