How to Maintain Weight Loss Post Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

If your regular workouts and diet are failing to achieve your desired weight-loss goals then your health provider might recommend weight-loss surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery california is one of the most preferred weight loss procedures that helps in increasing fat loss. However, after successful weight loss, if you regain the lost weight then it can cause a major setback. Therefore, let’s get to know how to ensure success in maintaining long-term weight loss.

Definition of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

It is one of the popular bariatric surgery procedures that help in promoting weight loss. This surgical procedure is one of the most popular procedures across the world. The procedure in itself is accredited far more beneficial than the gastric bypass procedure. It is a minimally invasive procedure and requires minimal recovery time. In this procedure, the size of the stomach is reduced to almost 20 percent of its original size. 

As the size of the stomach is incredibly reduced, it will reduce your hunger sensation leading to less intake of meals. Hence, it becomes a lot easier to control portion and calorie deficiency. And thus, it leads to significant weight loss in a short period. Besides, you no longer have to worry about malabsorption which some procedures induce. The nutrients that you require can be acquired from the diet you eat. Now the question is how much weight can you lose with the procedure?

How much weight can gastric sleeve surgery help in losing?

The good news is that those opting for gastric sleeve procedures have been successful in achieving their weight loss goals. As per statistics, almost 90% of patients succeeded in losing weight and attaining their desired goals. Hence, it will not be wrong to decipher that in the first year of the procedure, a patient may likely lose up to 60%-70% of extra body fat. Researchers think that bariatric surgeries are the best way to achieve long-term weight loss goals. Nevertheless, there are still the risks of regaining weight, fluctuations, etc. 

Gastric sleeve surgery will,

  • Restrict your food intake
  • Make you fuller faster
  • Despite your craving, your capacity to eat will reduce

However, there is a possibility that the stomach might stretch and grow even after the procedure. The risks can nevertheless be reduced. There are various ways to prevent regaining lost body weight. 

How to maintain long-term weight loss post gastric sleeve surgery?

Living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to maintain long-term weight loss. If you continue to overeat even after the surgery, then it will lead to stretching of the stomach resulting in weight gain. You might, however, not realize it. Following are some of the tips that will help you in maintaining long-term weight loss. 

Meal planning

Post-surgery, you will not be able to eat like you use to. Besides, there will also be a decrease in the hunger sensation. As a result of the surgery, the portion you eat will be smaller and you will get full faster. However, the body still requires adequate fuel to continue working. That is why it is important to plan your meals. 

The meal must consist of healthy, nutrient-rich foods. Eat small portions at regular intervals. Proper planning will help you avoid making unhealthy decisions. Maintaining a food journal will help you to commit to your diet goals and new lifestyle. Also, tracking your progress will keep you motivated to achieve your goals. 

Follow protein-rich diet

Include more protein in your diet as it will ensure the proper functioning of your body and stay healthy. Proteins are the basic fuel for energy. In addition, it also helps in oxygen circulation, and at the same time keeps your skin, hair, and nails strong. Consumption of a protein-rich diet will ensure more fat loss and less muscle loss. In addition, it will also increase the metabolism of your body thereby leading to burning more calories. 

Drink adequate water

Keeping your body well hydrated is important post-surgery. However, since it won’t be possible to drink a lot of water in one go due to the reduced size of the water, try to sip as frequently as possible. Besides staying hydrated, it will also help in the digestion process. Avoid beverages that contain soda or sugar.

Prepare yourself for a healthy and successful future

You need to prepare yourself mentally and physically to accept the new you post-surgery. It is important to have a strong determination to break away from unhealthy habits and religiously follow a healthy diet. In addition, you have to adopt mindful eating habits as well. You will notice a drastic change in not only your weight but your overall appearance. It will be a life-changing experience. 

The following are additional tips that will help in managing a healthy body weight long-term:

  • Use a smaller plate to eat smaller portions. It will make you fuller without affecting the volume of your stomach. 
  • Go slow while chewing your food. The brain takes time to receive messages from the stomach. Chewing slowly will help you know when you are feeling full. 

In addition to maintaining a smaller stomach, it is also important to adopt regular workouts. Include aerobic exercise and weight training to avoid gaining weight and to lose more weight.

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