How to Extend the Life of Your Waist Trainer

Famous reality TV personalities had a major role in the comeback of waist trainers. A high-compression shaping garment similar to a girdle is called a waist trainer. It is made of robust fabric and fibres, and powerful fasteners like hooks, Velcro, and lacing keep it firmly in place.

The purpose of this garment is to rapidly reduce the wearer’s waist and give them a smaller appearance. It often shapes the body to have a flat, slender waistline or an emphasised hourglass appearance. While it won’t help you achieve long-term results on its own, it may keep you inspired and self-assured while you work toward a smaller waist.

The more this valuable item is worn, the more pressure it is subjected to, which might shorten its lifetime. High-end waist trainers may be rather expensive. As a result, you must take care of your clothing to extend their lifespan while improving performance and comfort.

Instructions are often provided by waist trainer manufacturers to assist users in properly caring for the shapewear. You may also adhere to the guidelines listed below to learn how to maintain your waist trainer for a very long period.

Get used to your waist trainer.

You’ll be able to keep your shaper for long-term use if you take care of it from the start. Before completely tightening your corset and wearing it for more than a few hours, begin waist training by breaking it in for a few weeks.

Your corset must be gradually broken throughout the process of breaking it in. The idea behind it is the same as when breaking in new shoes. This makes it possible for the steel bones in the fabric to gradually adapt to your form, resulting in a corset that is more durable and pleasant.

It takes a mix of gradual tightening and extending wear time to effectively break in your corset. This implies that when you use your waist trainer for the first time, you shouldn’t overtighten it.

Most individuals are inclined to tighten their trainers immediately because they believe this will hasten their progress. However, if you pull the laces too quickly, you risk injury. The corset may suffer long-term injury as a result.

Only pull on the laces of your waist trainer until it fits snugly while you’re wearing it. By slipping a finger or two between the corset’s top and bottom bands, you may check the fit. If it fits, you should have no issue doing so.

Instead of laces, latex waist trainers feature two rows of snaps in front. Start with the widest setting on the first pair of snaps if you’re using latex waist trainers. As you become used to the trainer, go up to the tighter setting.

You should gradually increase the amount of time you use the waist trainer. For the first two to three days, start with 1-2 hours each day and then increase by an hour every third day. During this time, you should slightly tighten your waist trainer every day.You should also be able to wear your waist trainer all day after at least two weeks of breaking it in.

Wash it well.

Since waist trainers are worn every day, you’d need to wash them often to keep them clean. Waist trainers are a haven for germs since they collect a lot of sweat and moisture. Regular cleaning is also important to keep your shapewear functioning at its best since it will help the materials shrink and stop them from stretching.

It does not, however, imply that you can toss it in the washer and call it a day. The majority of waist trainer types are not best suited for washing machines. Steel bones used in waist trainers have a chance of breaking when being wrung out in your machine. After being placed in a washing machine, the compression material, such as latex or spandex, can even dissolve.

Instead, carefully hand wash it in a bowl or basin filled with warm water and some mild shampoo or baby shampoo. The soft cloth should first be dipped in warm water and lathered with a little shampoo. Useless detergents that include colours, alcohol, bleach, or perfumes that might harm your clothing should never be used.

Gently rub the towel on the clothing before wiping it clean and rinsing it. To ensure that there is no soapy residue behind, wipe it off completely.

Wipe the waist trainer clean, then hang it up to dry. It should be allowed to drip dry on a line or drying rack, ideally in a well-ventilated location, without being wrung out. If your waist trainer is made of latex, avoid leaving it out in the sun to dry as it may lose its colour. Don’t wear the item again until it has dried.

Suitable Storage

Another important element for preserving the durability of your corset is proper storage. There’s no need to hermetically seal or mothball waist trainers.However, you must provide a number of items for suitable storage. The garment should be put in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight with the straps tied, laces snug, etc.

To keep it out of the light, store your waist trainer flat in a drawer or closet. They may also be hung by being draped over a laundry line or pinned to a hanger. If you want to keep your waist trainer in shape, never roll it up.

Avoid ironing

Keeping your waist trainer secure and clean is important, but you should also avoid ironing it to extend its lifespan. Most often, if they are made entirely of natural latex, waist trainers cannot be ironed. By using a hot iron on natural latex, your shapewear may become partially disassembled.

Alternate between Waist Trainers

You will have to stop your waist training since waist trainers need frequent washing. Your corset may potentially break as a result of the repeated washing and wearing. Never put on the same outfit more than twice in a row. Alternate different waist trainers in your closet instead.

Latex waist trainers need extra relaxation to maintain their efficacy. To prevent them from wearing out too quickly, get at least a second waist trainer and switch between them. This will give your corsets a chance to relax and allow you access to a variety of styles to suit your changing moods.

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