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How to Draw A Toucan Easily

How to Draw A Toucan. The range that birds have to offer is hard to beat regarding diversity. They come in many shapes and sizes, but despite this, some birds stand out among this species, and toucans are certainly one of them.

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These magnificent birds are distinguished by their large and colorful beaks, making many want to learn how to draw a toucan.

If you want to create colorful and exotic works of art with this beautiful bird, you’ve come to the right place!

How to Draw A Toucan

Step 1

To begin this guide to drawing a toucan, let’s start with the bird’s most distinctive feature; his big beak!

When we outline the beak, we draw a long rounded shape pointing to the left. Next, let’s add a slightly wavy line down the middle of the beak outline to open it up.

Once the beak is drawn, let’s draw the toucan’s head with the beak sticking out of it. The top of the head is drawn with a slightly jagged line to show that it is somewhat feathered.

The line for the back of the head and upper back are drawn with a smoother line, as is the front of the neck.

Step 2

We will add the bird’s face and body in this part of your toucan drawing. Toucans have small eyes compared to their beak size so you can draw the eye with a small circle with a dot.

Next, you can draw a shape around the eye with some sharp lines. You then use a similar pointed line for another line that extends from this shape to the front of the neck.

Once these aspects are drawn, we will add the front of the chest. This bust line is also drawn with another slightly jagged, pointed line.

Step 3

This toucan would only get very far with wings, so in this third step of our tutorial on how to draw a toucan, let’s add one.

The wing will be quite detailed, so for simplicity, let’s start by outlining the wing with curved lines.

Once the outline is drawn, let’s create some feather details. We will do this by drawing some longer feathers at the tip of the wing, and then there will be many smaller curved lines in the middle. If you are happy with the look, we can move on to the next step!

Step 4

We’ll start working on the final touches and details of your toucan drawing for this step and the next!

This quarter we will focus on the bird’s legs and the branch it is perched on.

The feet are large with long toes, and there is a lot of line detailing to make them look slightly wrinkled.

The toes are wrapped around a large branch, and lastly, we add some small rounded lines across the chest for some feathery detail. Then you’re ready for the finishing touches in the next part of the guide!

Step 5

The last piece this toucan is missing is its big tail, so let’s add it now.

The tail comprises several large feathers, so we’ll draw it with a couple of long, slightly curved lines connecting. These curved lines form the smaller feathers that cover the tail.

Before proceeding to the last step of the guide, you also have the option to add some personal information.

Step 6

In terms of color, the toucan has quite a contrast. Their beaks are bright and vibrant, while their feathers are dark and black.

We kept that in mind for our example image of this toucan design and used some orange, yellow, and red for the beak.

Try replicating the colors used in our example to create a similar look for your image.

Your Toucan Drawing is Finished!

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