Gentle Fitness Options for Beginners

If you don’t currently have the fitness levels that you are hoping for, but want to increase them, then you are most likely looking for some gentle exercise options. Some people cannot do intense workouts due to illnesses or injuries. Yet they still wish to enjoy exercise.

Many low impact activities can increase your fitness levels, so here are some great fitness options for beginners.


Many people quite happily dance around the living room without considering it and exercise. Because you are having so much fun, it can often feel like you aren’t doing much at all.

However, dancing around your home or taking dance classes is the perfect way to increase your fitness levels while having fun doing so.


Swimming has always been known as a low impact and gentle white exercise. Swimming uses the whole body’s muscles, which is why it is quite a way to tone up and lose weight if that’s what you like.

Swimming classes like swim aerobics are a great way to increase the speed at which you are exercising, but are very gentle even though they are intense.

Of course, you can join a swim team and get put through your paces if you wish.


There are different intensities and types of yoga. In general, yoga is ideal for improving your physical fitness and well-being. Due to the postures and the breathing exercises, you can increase your core strength slowly. One of the best things about yoga is that there are many different yoga options on YouTube; you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Initially, you might choose just to wear something comfortable like loungewear. However, over time you might wish to move on to something a little bit more athletic and clothing designed for yoga.


If you have had an injury, and you do wish to increase your fitness levels, you might want to start working on your strength and stamina first. The best way to do that Is to work with the physiotherapist. You can even book online with a Versa Movement Collective, giving you the freedom to enjoy the treatment in the comfort of your own home.


Walking is the most popular low impact exercise that you can do. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes and clothing. If you choose to walk a little bit faster, you can increase your cardio through walking. It is a great idea to do short bursts of slower walking and then faster walking, and when you build up your stamina, you can then add in an occasional hill.

Instead of just walking around the city, you can also choose to go on hiking trails or walks around the woods and local wildlife sanctuaries. Walking is also great for mental health, so this should be one that you add to your list.

What else can you do when you are using these gentle fitness options?

Although you might feel like adding a simple workout into your routine is all you need, there are some other changes that you might like to make too. You’re going to need to drink more water, as most people are some level dehydrated.

When you increase your water, you will notice that you can almost immediately work out for a little bit longer. You also are going to commit to a schedule of working out. This will help you keep up your fitness levels and improve them over time.

Your nutrition should be adjusted to meet your new needs. Eating foods that will benefit your body is essential. Ensuring that you have lots of the right vitamins and minerals is one of the ways that you can have your body increase its stamina.

Setting some fitness goals and incorporating your chosen gentle fitness option will help you get on the right track when it comes to your overall health and wellness.

It is essential that you take these changes slowly to become a built-in part of your daily and weekly routine. Choose one or two activities to try out, and stick with your favorite. When your stamina increases, you can choose more activities to do!

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