Five Essential Fashion Tips for Party

We’ve all been there—you’ve been invited to a party and have nothing to wear. Your go-to dress may be a little too bland for the occasion, prompting you to search into the deep corners of your wardrobe. Don’t worry! We have five essential tips for the party that truly say “the party has arrived.”

#1. Bright Colors and Prints

Although you can’t go wrong with a little black dress, you can step up your party game with bright colors that will light up the night. The bright cocktail dress is a fabulous option that never goes out of style.

Usually available in bright hues like red, green, yellow, or prints, cocktail dresses are a modest yet feminine way to stand out in the crowd. For the girl who’s usually clad in black and avoids color, you can top your colorful dress off with a muted jacket or coat. That way, you can color block and stay warm at the same time! If you want to achieve an edgier look, opt for a leather jacket and get the ultimate cool-girl look.

#2. Edgy Shoes

Parties are the time to show off some serious dance moves and let loose—it’s only appropriate that you dress your feet for the occasion. Bring those spikey pumps and metallic heels out of hiding for any party. Do you have an outfit that’s a little too casual? Anchor it with some flashy footwear that will instantly elevate your combo. In fact, mixing masculine and feminine looks is a tried and true stylist secret. For example, pairing some boyfriend jeans with ultra-feminine heels creates a pleasing contrast, sure to collect some double-takes from other guests.

#3. All that Glitters

For an instant fashion statement, you can’t go wrong with sequins. After all, sequins were the accessory of choice in every party during the roaring 20’s. That’s because sequins aren’t only fun and festive, but super easy to pull off! Though, when you’re dressing in sequins, keep in mind that simplicity is key.

When shopping, choose a sequined top or bottom with solid color options, preferably on silhouettes that sport clean lines. By limiting yourself to one sequined item, you can break it up with a leather piece or something in a solid tone.

If you’re not ready for a sequin outfit, you can still incorporate them into your accessories. You can sport some seriously cute sequin headbands, earrings, and even jewelry before graduating onto dresses and jackets.

#4. Fun Accessories

The right piece of jewelry can transform any basic dress into a party classic. When you invest in a statement jewelry piece, you can wear it a number of ways. A solid t-shirt and jeans combo are instantly elevated with a bold necklace or choker. If you prefer hair up-dos, a pair of chandelier earrings will frame your face and neck while looking elegant. A subtle yet super stylish statement piece is a cocktail ring. As you dance away through the night, hold your drink, or eat the horsd’oeuvres, your finger will be front and center catching everyone’s eye.

If you wear glasses, switching them out with a colorful pair adds personality to any wardrobe. Show off a genuine sense of style with retro cat-eye glasses, or a cool mod appeal with plain white plastic specs. Whatever accessory you choose to highlight, just remember that less is more. Stick to one statement accessory and supplement it with something super simple.

#5. Effortless Style

The most important element of any party outfit is your comfort. Whenever you’re shopping, think about the type of party you’re going to be in.

If it’s a busy house party, opt for a pair of jeans for easy crowd maneuvering. If you’re going to dance the night away, make sure your shoes are comfortable, or that you have back-up flats. If it’s a fashionable party, dress it up while ensuring your clothes all fit well. When in doubt, size up at the store to ensure your dresses are spacious and comfy.

The goal is to forget about your outfit as soon as you step out your house en route to the party. If you ever look at pictures of celebrity “it-girls,” they carry a gracious effortlessness that reflects in their style. If you’re taking a risk on a new accessory, just own it! Your comfort and confidence will be oozing out of you, and party goers will definitely notice.

If you need some more ideas before your party, check out some candid shots and design inspiration of it-girl fashion from Vogue and dress boutiques online.

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