Duties And Qualities Of A Psychologist.

Psychologist in Lahore

Who is a Psychologist?

The word Psychologist comes from two Latin roots: psyche, meaning “spirit, mind and tin”, and logia, meaning “study”.

Psychologists are scientists who study the mind. Unless specifically stated, you should assume that a psychologist studies the human mind – as opposed to, for example, an animal psychologist.

Unlike a psychiatrist, a psychologist does not have a medical degree and therefore cannot prescribe medication.

Difference between Psychiatrist and Psychologist

Following are the main differences in Psychiatrist and Psychologist:

  • Psychiatrists are medical doctors, psychologists are not.
  • Psychologist do not prescribe medicines,while psychiatrist do.
  • Psychiatrists diagnose disorders, provide treatment and provide a range of therapies to treat complex and serious mental illnesses. Psychologists pay emphasis on (talk therapy) to help patients.

Qualities of a Psychologist

Psychology is the study of the human mind . It use of that knowledge to strengthen relationships, overcome challenges.It also help individuals and couples and families achieve a higher quality of life. Effective psychologists must possess a certain level of these common traits that passionate people can develop over time.

Active Listener:

Communication is one of the most important skills a psychologist can have. Prospective psychologists need to practice active listening by giving each conversation their full attention. And also taking the time to listen to what the other participants in the conversation are saying.

Active listening also involves listening to non-verbal cues such as body language. This is particularly important for psychologists, as some patients may feel uncomfortable revealing personal information. A psychologist can see with a keen eye if a patient has difficulties with open communication.

Empathetic Professionals:

When a psychologist meets a new patient, one of the first steps is to establish a good rapport or relationship. Good rapport is important.It encourages patients to trust the professional and talk about their feelings.

Empathetic psychologists find it easier to build a close relationship. To express their genuine concerns, psychologists use a cautious tone and communicate clearly.

At the same time, psychologists must always maintain a professional attitude. Psychologists sometimes deal with difficult patients who may have committed crimes or who disagree with their own worldview and values. It is important for psychologists to hide their own negative reactions when necessary.

Ethical Person

Many professions have strict codes of ethics and standards of conduct, and psychology is no exception. Effective psychologists take the initiative to adhere to the standards set by  Psychological Association .

They follow these strict standards in all their professional duties – from insurance billing to client counseling to case management.

Patient Advisor

Therapy is not a quick process . It takes time to help clients overcome serious problems in their lives. Psychologists need a lot of patience. They need to be able to concentrate while clients are talking about their problems.

Each patient develops at his or her own pace. In some cases it can take years to make progress, especially if the patient has suffered severe trauma.

Lifelong Learners

Successful psychologists would probably describe themselves as lifelong learners. The science of psychology is constantly evolving with new research and knowledge. These professionals need to stay up-to-date . Do  what is best for their clients.

Attend professional events such as seminars and conferences and read professional journals.

Psychologist in Lahore

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