Display Your Belts with Our Custom Printed Belt Boxes at Wholesale

Display Your Remarkable Belts with Our Custom Printed Belt Boxes at Wholesale

Pack the frame, box, plate and snap buckles in custom belt boxes packaging and triple your sales in a flash!

Before moving ahead, brands must go through the following questions:

  1. What is the color, texture, and size of the belt?
  2. Do you want a masculine or feminist belt box packaging wholesale?
  3. Are you a fan of funky or classy packaging?
  4. Would you go with blank or custom printed designs?

Our brilliant minds at ICustomBoxes must fully understand the brand’s vision and psychology before crafting the boxes. We believe packaging is the most creative way to showcase your company globally. It is the face of your belt brand.

Customers get a gist of your brand’s creative ideology through the packaging. Once they touch the boxes, the following thoughts pop up in their minds.

  • The surface of the box is as smooth as butter
  • Belt boxes are shining like a diamond
  • The surface is a clean slate (spotless and flawless)
  • The boxes are easy to carry and place in the luggage (no crushing or wrinkling)

On top of that, our versatile box styles compel the fashionistas to make a purchase. The truth is all of our box styles are phenomenal. From sleeve to display and tuck font style, we have it all. Moreover, our customized lamination and finishing details add five stars to the packaging.

Why Classy Custom Belt Boxes Is The Real Feather In The Cap For The Fashion Houses?

The truth is that fashion houses are making unimaginable profits annually. Thanks to the fast fashion industry. But this also opens new opportunities for the other brands. Yes, we are talking about belt manufacturing.

It is admitted that custom printed belt box packaging is here to stay. For decades it has been a hot favorite styling tool for both men and women. In fact, it’s a genderless item that amps up your personality in magical ways. It is available in various textures, colors, designs, and sizes. And it is crystal clear that the top luxury brands also leverage this opportunity.

You will hardly come across a guy without a stylish belt. Whether it’s a wedding function, office meeting, or a farewell party, the sophisticated straps are a must- a wear item. Hence the brands are constantly manufacturing them.

The more belts, the more the need for customized packaging. Are you wondering why?

  • It sets a different tone for each brand.
  • It prevents the casual and formal belts from warping and cracking
  • Customized add-ons modify it into a breathtaking gift box
  • Boosts the buyers unboxing sensation 100times
  • It makes the loading and unloading to the final destination trouble-free
  • A cost-effective way of brands promotion
  • It provides the perfect space for placing the belts

What Colors Best Elevate The Swag Of Ritzy Custom Belt Boxes?

We admit that belts are an emblem of sophistication. A classy and matching belt adds a new vibe to your personality. Overall, it gives a spiff-up yet dashing look to both men and women.

Do you know that fashion lovers are fond of gifting belts to their dear ones? Yes, it is true. Whether you have graduated, got a promotion, or are invited to an international program, the belts are the coolest gift options.

Consequently, the demand for custom belt box packaging is always high. Therefore the brand owners give special attention to the colors because colors are in the driving seat and possess the power to upgrade your brand.

How Does Inside Printing Help The Accessory Stores To Move The Needle In The Profitable Market?

Have you ever wondered how brands, celebs, and influencers get overnight fame? Yeah, many reasons contribute to their success. But the top reason is innovative yet original ideas. They are not copycats; in fact, they are the real trendsetters.

The same rule goes for all industries worldwide. And the belt market is no different.

How about custom belt boxes wholesale packaging with inside printing? Sounds terrific right?

Our maestro at ICustomBoxes has selected a bunch of taglines to print on the inside.

  1. Time to flex your personality!
  2. Designed for classy people
  3. The beautiful addiction
  4. The attitude changer styling tool
  5. It makes you effortlessly chic!

Finally, move your comfort shell if you want to create waves in the market. Start to experiment and embark on the journey of innovation. We know the first step is always stressful, but it is worth it. Make a change and set the stage on fire!

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