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College Dorm Parties A Freshman’s Guide

If there’s a thing college students are able to do, it’s having a party! College is definitely about more than partying. It’s possibility to become a great student and still go to socialize and have fun with other students.

If you’re planning to move into a dorm room soon and you’re wondering what dorm-party events in college are like and how you can organize a successful party.

In this article I’ll show you how to host the perfect college dorm party, the steps to take following the party, and some important guidelines to follow prior to throwing (or go to) an event in a dorm room.

How to Plan A University Dorm Party

Invite People You Know

If you’re hoping to host an enjoyable college dorm party that doesn’t go over the top You’ll want to limit your guests to those who you are familiar with. People are more likely to respect your space when they know who you are.

Naturally, guests will be bringing their family members or significant others , so there could be some guests you don’t personally know. But the event will go much more smoothly if you are familiar with or at the very least, the vast majority of guests.

Undecided on who to Invite? Contact people living on the floor in your dorm or friends you’ve met in class, roommates of yours and so on.

Find out about your RA Before time

One of the most crucial steps to ensure your event runs smoothly is to be with your RA’s. Ifyou’re in a relationship with the Resident Assistant in your dorm It’s less likely they’ll shut the celebration off .

If you have a awesome RA, you can notify them beforehand that you’ll have guests at your house and that there will be the sound of music being played. They’ll likely request that you limit the volume to an appropriate amount.

Based on my experience at college, most of the RA’s I met were extremely relaxed. In the end, they’re students from the same college who want to be jolly too. But I’ve been told of people with extremely strict RA’s, so be conscious that you might be approached at your door if your music gets excessively high.

Create a great playlist for your party

Each college dorm has a playlist that is great! Make sure you make a killer playlist in advance to make sure you’re not on your phone, switching the tunes all night.

If you’re not able to make your own playlist There are plenty of great ones through Spotify already. Find a playlist that is in line with the atmosphere of your gathering and crank up the volume!

Games for College Dorm Party Games

Every college gathering needs fun games and activities that keep the guests entertained. Here are a few of the most enjoyable games to take part in at college dorm parties:

Alcohol Pong It is it’s a CLASSIC college dorm Parties game almost every college student learns to play. The only thing you need to play playing this is a table, ping-pong balls, and a few red Solo cups. Be sure to fill the cups only with water, so you don’t splash any other liquids or spilling them on the carpets. Are you unsure of how to play the game of beer Pong?

 The last time I played was ever This is an entertaining game to play during events. It’s an excellent way to break the ice and to know your guests a more easily without getting too serious. It can be played with no equipment, but if you’d like an even more organized game, purchase the game’s official version at Amazon.

Mario Kart / Super Smash Bros If you have a gaming console they are able to take with them, it can be a lot of fun to play video games at college gatherings. Naturally, not everyone is able to play simultaneously but you could play in groups and observe other people playing in the event that it’s not your turn. Make sure you have enough controllers to allow at least four players to play together!

Cards Playing Against Humanity The version is the ideal game to play during college parties when you’re hosting an enclave of people (less than 15 players, I’d suggest). For those who have never tried it this game is for you.

College Dorm Decorations for the Party

The college parties are usually informal, which means it’s not necessary to be overly extravagant in terms of decor. Some of my most favorite decorations for dorms include LED light strips, fun tapestries, neon light and posters. Here are some fun decorations below!

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