Car Key Cutting Services Are Essential When Keys Are Lost

The question of car key cutting arises when you have lost your car keys. It might so happen that you have left your keys inside the car. You are now stuck in deep muck. Now, what do you do without the car keys? The answer is simple. You have to get in touch with your nearest auto locksmith. He will advise and tell you what to do.

Who Will Take Care of The New Keys?

Here also you know the obvious answer. A car locksmith will be the best and only person who can handle this issue with deft and ease. If he is unable to assist you, you must contact the dealer from whom you acquired your vehicle. They have original keys as well as remedies for missing keys.

Is Your Lost Key Covered by Insurance?

It is one of the prime questions left to be answered. This is because if you have conventional car keys, then that will not be much of a problem. But the moment you have transponders, fobs, smart keys and so on you will be in a big soup if new keys are to be acquired. No matter how expensive they maybe they have to be made. They are generally not covered by insurance companies but it will also depend on how you lost your keys. Some insurance providers offer assistance if the keys are stolen and the incident falls under comprehensive coverage.

Who To Contact in Case of Lost Car Keys?

If you are far away from home, getting you started and moving with keys lost is as good as living in hell for some time. In that case, you will have to contact roadside assistance or your dealer. If the locksmith can be of no help, then the car key cutting will have to be taken care of by your dealers. And roadside assistance will also rope in an auto locksmith for your assistance.

The First Step to Car Key Cutting

A car key cutting done effectively requires many things like expertise, experience and sophisticated tools. You initially solve your problem by getting in touch with an expert if you have no spare keys or access to them. Furthermore, if you want your car keys cut at a reduced cost, you should avoid coming to your dealer. Make contact with a local auto locksmith.

Coded Key Cutting Technique

Coding is one of the most common methods of car key cutting. Again, this method is subdivided into two more different techniques. They are blind codes and bitting codes. The bitting code is the number or the information that a car key-cutting service uses. Special software is used to get blind codes extracted from the bitting information.

Modern cars use blind codes. And since you may have a modern car, make sure that you contact the best and most professional car key cutting services around. He will have the required codes to cut the keys to your car. And the procedure gets simplified when he has the required codes to cut into them. It even becomes faster.

You can also have the code written on your keys. That will be engraved on the lock’s front plate. The car owner can easily get the code by requesting the dealer for the Vehicle Identification Number. With the failure of all the above methods, the last thing that the locksmith can do is to pull down the whole thing and get the code from the barrel of the lock. Your car key cutting then moves faster ahead.

The Various Cutting Devices

Car key cutting nowadays is done with the help of computers. Electronic computers have two sets of clamps to make copies of the original car keys. The stylus has a primary key that is connected with a configuration. The system will then make a duplicate of the original key and insert it into the blank key. A laser computer can likewise be used as an alternative.

Are Original Keys Required for Cutting Duplicate Keys?

The original keys are not required for car key cutting services. It can be done with the VIN which is enough to cut it. But this is an expensive procedure.

Types of Keys That Can Be Cut

There are many types of car keys nowadays. You have to know the type before you can ask for car key cutting services from your auto locksmith. They are:

  • Transponders
  • Laser cut keys
  • Smart keys
  • Fobs
  • Fobs attached with keys
  • Fobs with folded keys

You specifically have to know your key type before getting the car key cutting done. Or else the entire process goes to waste. And if you are in a distant area, you will spend time and pay double the rates if you do not know the sort of car key you have. So, first and foremost, learn to know your car.

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