Best Fall Protection for You: Roof Guardrail

It is worth to note that roof guardrail system is designed and installed on the terrace or rooftop portion of the building to protect workers from falling down while working on the rooftop structures, terraces or highest portion of the building. It is normally found in manufacturing industries, engineering establishments where there are regular works on the rooftop areas. It can be installed hassle free by the customers and used immediately.

Types of guardrail systems which are gaining momentum

#1. The kee guard non-penetrating rooftop guardrail

This roof-railing system never penetrates through the roof membrane. This accounts for various fall arresting pattern

  • Products like Kee Guard Non-penetrating Roof Guardrail system which is built using galvanized steel sits comfortably on the roof surface.
  • The non-penetrative property is liked by most of the users. Presence of this feature helps the system sit directly on the roof surface making this prevent leak and other potential damages for the roofs.
  • This roof guardrail system which is built with durable components can withstand all types of external perils. At the same time, the corrosion resistive property protects the devices as well as the roofs against harsh climate
  • No special training or permit is required. There is no requirement for threading, welding, or drilling

#2. Advantages offered by the system:

The products are designed as per the stipulations offered by Global Standards acumen by the OSHA. The ability to provide trendy safety acumen has also been tested. The system has the power to integrate fast with other Fall Protection system or equipment.

  • Components under the system are seen to sustain for a longer period. Use of structural tube within the portions helps in providing longevity.
  • Modular designing makes repairing an easy task
  • The railing needs do not compromise with the image of the building. Neither the galvanized finish tarnishes nor it leaves any stain on the roof.
  • Flexibility The compatible designs of the roof guardrail system have imparted flexibility in the system making these cater to the individualized need of the customers. These have the permeability to tie in the existing as well as the new fall protection systems.

#3. The metal roof-railing

The metal roof railing is made with viability for the commercial units. These are perfect for the roofs of offices, multiplexes and similar other buildings. The programs have been accentuated with the following inbuilt features

  • All these rails have been made in commensuration with the requirements in OSHA guidelines
  • The roof guardrail system is built with superior safety provision methods. It offers best safety and security to the workers and people that walk regularly on the terrace or rooftop portion of the building. s
  • The project program needs no special training for installation
  • The system has global acceptance.

#4. The fixed mounted guardrails

The fixed mounted roof guardrail system which is designed aesthetically and built with sturdy materials offers ideal protection in areas that include loading docks, roof parapet walls, and many other leading-edge hazards. These fixed railings are equipped with double and locking pins.

Products such as roof guardrail system come indifferent lengths and ideal mounting options. This help in addressing the needs at the worksite. Products are designed according to OSHA requirements. The mounting options with these can either be top or sides.

Safe access for the users is provided with the safety finishes around the galore finishes. Hence, come to us for excellent roof guardrail system service. Always look out for best deal and discount while buying guardrail system and explore the reviews and ratings of the suppliers before ordering such products. If possible, you can also visit the nearest shops which sells these types of products and decide the next course after careful inspection.

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