Best Business Ideas for Women and Women’s College Students women seem to have nothing to do while in college or even after college but in this post, I will give you the Top Creative Business Ideas for Women and Female Students too which will help you make good profit and make good. in life. These business ideas can also be done by stay at home moms.

This article is for women looking for jobs that can give them money and for female students looking for business ideas they can start in college.

Business Ideas for Women:

The business ideas will be categorized based on these components:

  • education
  • Agriculture
  • Online Businesses
  • Beauty
  • fashion
  • Media
  • Branding services
  • exercise
  • Events
  • Cleaning/Sanitation
  • Other people

It is being said that,

Business Ideas for Women ( education ):


As a woman with a particular field of study that you are good at, you can apply to teach at school and get paid for it.

Even as a female college student, you can master a particular course subject, arrange a tutorial where interested people pay a token to learn or even have private classes.

Resume/CV writing:

As a stay-at-home mom, you can help students and graduates with resume/CV writing like CV Writing Help Birmingham.

Although you may not know a lot about it, you can research and find out through Google or YouTube videos and get more information about it.

It will be a good idea to take an Online Course on resume writing so that you can become more skilled in it.

Freelance writing:

If you are a very skilled writer, you can become a freelance writer.

You can register as a freelancer on any freelance platform like Upwork, Fiverr, etc or simply promote by word of mouth and social media.

You should also define your area of ​​expertise, thesis writing, critical analysis writing, etc.

All these can earn you $5 – $2000 and more in a month depending on how good you are. This is one of the great business ideas for Women.

Example: Dissertation Help Birmingham

Private Library Services:

If you have a lot of books or if you can find a large collection of books; then you can start a private library where students can pay to read or borrow a book.

This is very profitable! They don’t have to be academic books; novels, magazines, etc.

All you have to do is publish it, you can start small and grow as you get more books.

Creating Courses and Audiobooks:

Do you know that as a woman you can create courses and make Audiobooks that can be sold online? Yes, it is possible.

All you need is your fluency in that area of ​​study and you can apply to create courses and Audiobooks online. It is very profitable … from $5 – $2000 monthly.

Proofreading and Editing:

Essays, dissertations, research and project writing are a constant part of being a student, so as a woman, you can learn how to do this and get money from it.

One thing about this is that it allows you to stay in the comfort of your home to edit and proofread documents.

You can also proofread business ideas. This is a very profitable business for stay at home moms.


Example (Proofreading Help Birmingham)

Business Ideas for Women ( Agriculture ):

Aloe Vera Farming:

Stay at home moms can grow this plant in a small bag or polythene at the back of the room where there can be moderate light.

Aloe Vera has been discovered as a medicinal plant and for this reason, it is now in high demand.

As a woman, you can sell it to your fellow women to apply the gel-lime juice on their natural hair or face to clear pimples or acne breakouts or even skin irritation.

Designing a flyer and sharing it on social media will get you more publicity.

Selling Honey:

Stay at home moms or even students need honey for health, beauty/self care reasons, even for science experiments.

Honey is not readily available or sold in roadside shops and many people are suspicious of buying fake honey.

If you can find someone who produces original honey, all you have to do is get the word out there that you sell the original honey in different quantities and people will patronize you.

Food Supply:

With little capital, you can start a Food Supply business at home.

It’s a business that most people don’t think about but you can start it as a student on campus.

As a student, you are advised to start small and develop plans to expand or handle large numbers because people love having people take the stress off their shoulders.

Somehow being a stay at home mom might be difficult but you can still try.

It is one of the new business ideas for women that not many people know about.

Stay at Home Mom Business Ideas ( Online Business ):


A woman can easily start her own blog, be it a fashion blog, a home blog, a cooking/recipe blog, etc.

All these can be done in the comfort of your home. To get started you just need a computer but phones do a good job these days.

As a female student or woman, you can start with a free hosting platform as a blogger, WordPress until you get money to upgrade.

One thing you need to know about blogging is how to manage a blog, learn how to write good articles that rank on Google search (Senior) and get the knowledge needed to monetize the blog .

This is one of the creative business ideas for women that are very profitable.

Affiliate Marketing:

As an affiliate marketer, you are paid a percentage of the product you sell online that was purchased by someone you referred.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that if you have a blog, you can also sell the products by incorporating your website with the ads on your website.

Web Design:

I have a friend who lives and designs websites like Mad! She makes $200 – $1000 per website design and is financially independent as a result.

The good thing about creating websites is that it is now a “must have” for most businesses, whether small or large and platforms like Blogger and WordPress have made it so easy that you can drag and drop button and boom! your website is ready.


Dropshipping means that a retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers customers’ orders and shipment details to the manufacturer, another retailer, or wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customers.

It is important that you understand this business well before you go into it.


The cryptocurrency world is growing every day as people cash out thousands of dollars every day.

The cryptocurrency starts with an exchange, a Crypto Turney brokerage business, or chooses from a variety of other options.

One thing about cryptocurrency business is that although it is a risky business but it is a good business idea that every woman can get into it.

You just need a small signal to invest and then you follow it.

Business Ideas for Women and College Students

Photocopying, Typing and Printing:

This is a business idea that is common in schools and around a school environment.

You would need a photocopier, computer, printer and scanner. you can start this business within your home as a female student and expand as you make more money from it.

Social Media Management:

This is one of the awesome business ideas for stay at home moms.

Just like you spend time on social media when you’re done with housework, you can still manage the social media handles of busy people and they’ll pay you for it.

So, what you need is to improve your social media marketing skill by taking some courses on it, watching social media educational videos on YouTube, and practicing what you learn.

The next thing is to set your own handle in the best form and publicize what you do to get clients.

It is a very profitable business that pays $5 – $50 an hour depending on how good you are.

Title Writers:

Social Media users run out of captions at some point, they have a really nice picture but they just can’t seem to find a caption that sparks engagement or curiosity.

If you can come up with witty and healing captions, then you can become a famous caption writer who creates captions for others.

Content Creation:

Many websites are looking for creative content writers who can produce good articles for them to post on their website.

As a woman or a female college student, you can apply to write on their websites and get paid monthly for it.

One thing you have to understand about website owners is that they are not always able to fix the content regularly and they are willing to pay someone (You) to get creative ideas.

This business idea can earn you up to $50 – $1000 per month.

Business Ideas for Women ( Beauty ):

Manicure and Pedicure:

This simply means the care of the hands and feet.

Learning to be a beautician will be one of the great/creative business ideas for stay at home moms or women because every woman does it almost every day.

You can apply to learn from experts then improve videos on YouTube and other social networks to learn more and improve.

This business can earn you beyond what you can even think.


Women don’t joke with their hair.

One thing I know is that every woman must visit a salon at least once a month which equals money for the owner of the salon.

If you can make braids, fix arms or sew wigs, you won’t be short of money.

This is one of the business ideas for women that most young people are going to and it is very favorable for them.

So how do you go about starting this business as a stay at home mom?

Get in touch with someone who is already in the business, learn the business well even if it involves payment,

pay and learn because this is a very profitable business and you can pay $200 – $1000 per month depending on how good you are.

Makeup Artistry:

Make Up Artists are in great demand; people who want to take great pictures will need a makeup artist to make them look attractive in the picture … all makeup pays well so if you want to go into the business of makeup art, make sure you learn you long before you start.

For more information or additional information, you can visit YouTube to learn new styles and practices and stay up to date with world trends.

Selling beauty products:

Beauty products include exfoliators, shower gels, creams, and the like.

You can get those products from wholesalers, manufacturers and sell them around and to other women.

It will be a good idea to go for the authentic ones as many people are careful what they do with their skin.

You can also understand the ideal work of each product before selling them to avoid problems.

Skin Care Therapy:

This is about improving the appearance of the skin. A skin therapist advises clients on the types of deodorants and other skin care products to apply.

She also does massages, treatments, and treats the client’s skin ailments.

To become a skin therapist, you must be trained by attending a vocational school or taking a regular online or offline certification course.

You can also sell beauty products like exfoliators, shower gels, creams, etc. It will be a good idea to go from wholesalers to sell well to your clients.

Creative Business Ideas for Women ( Fashion ):


Many students wait until they get home before they can go to the tailors.

Some of them even go far from school to find a tailor, We all love to replicate our choice of material, styles we love custom fit to our body.

If you know how to sew and can get a sewing machine, then you can start tailoring as a single woman or a stay at home mom.

To grow in the business, you need to know the latest trends by following other accessories on social media to be aware of what is new to learn.

Making beads:

Beads are a regular choice, they can be worn with a wide range of clothes and accessories. Bead making requires a level of skill and creativity.

Some beads are intended to learn from experts, but you can start with Youtube ; there are many videos on Youtube that can teach you this amazing art. You would need to get basic bead making tools to get started.

Don’t forget to publicize what you do using your word of mouth, telling friends to tell their friends about what you do.

Jewelery For Sale:

You may need more than a little capital to get started it is very possible. As a woman/ college student /stay at home mom, you can start this business by buying less expensive but less expensive and of course fake ones.

Cloth Restoration:

From time to time, people get tired of their clothes because they feel they are wearing it too much, or because they feel it is out of style and not fashionable anymore.

If you like to use the sewing machine, you can restore and create new cloth and design from old cloth.

This is one of the less rampant creative business ideas for women and female college students so if you can start it, you will be doing very well.

Creative Business Ideas for Women ( Media ):


Photography is one business idea that is doing very well in this 21st Century.

Every day many people do birthdays, weddings, ceremonies etc and all of them need a camera (Picture) cover for future reference and to show them to people around.

Entering this business is a good idea as a woman or a female college student because you often don’t need physical space or a lot of capital;

some people start with no capital at all (they borrow a camera and collect editing software on it from friends).

You can develop a unique selling point that will help you succeed in the business despite the number of people already involved.

Photography is a business that pays $ 50 – 1000 $ and above, depending on how good you are with the camera.

Video Editing:

Here is another video that is similar to photography. Here, with the help of a camera, you can make video coverage of ceremonies and edit it when you’re done.

One unique thing about video is that it really goes viral, many ads do better on videos than pictures and that’s why video editors charge more when a post arrives.

This is one of the business ideas for women that only a few women have entered. You can start this business and do well in it. Just learn from the experts before you start.

Graphic Design:

This is basically combining texts and images to create a specific idea.

Everyone needs a graphic designer, so as a woman, take this huge opportunity, learn software that will help you design good flyers and banners.

If it’s getting too hard, visit YouTube and follow tutorials that will help you design better. A good graphic designer earns $100 – $500 per month. As a woman, you can do it!

Business ideas for stay at home moms


Podcasting is one business idea that most women neglect but you can be a student entrepreneur to start something different.

As podcasts continue to grow in popularity, more and more people are jumping on board and creating new shows, all in an effort to leverage themselves as industry experts, build an audience, connect with more influencers, building personal brands, etc.

You will need a lot of grit to pull this through.


Can women create cartoons? Yes, they can. Remember what I said at the beginning of this article; “What a man can do, a woman can do better”.

As a female or female college student , you can create cartoon pictures of people and sell it to them.

This business idea is really nice although you have to learn it well for you to create great and amazing cartoons.

Creative Business Ideas for Women ( branding ):


This business idea is really in vogue now. These days the modeling industries are expanding and new things are coming into play.

So how do you stay fit in this business? you need to be up to date on what is happening.

One thing you can always understand is that everything about modeling sells because every group of people needs to be represented on a daily basis.

So, as a female college student , you can grow your modeling skills by joining a modeling group or team and growing from there.

Art Sale (Wallpaper, Crafts):

Ever seen a handmade basket before? It looks great right? Yes. I want to tell you that you can create something like that if you are interested.

Many people love this craft like me, so you can create this craft and offer it for sale at a cheaper rate.

If it is too difficult for you, you can become an affiliate who can connect others or a student of decorative works of art.

Painting and Room Design:

I saw women doing amazing things with their hands like painting and designing rooms, especially those done with wallpapers.

If you love creative art, you can learn how to wield a paint brush and start a business, painting and making beautiful designs on walls.

Creative Business Ideas for Women ( Catering ):

Selling Small Chips:

If you are in a school environment and you are good at making small chops, you will be very patronized because it is tasty and very nice.

Learning how to do small chops that pay by the numbers is a good business idea, always try to learn from an expert and you will be very good at it.


Many women are making a lot of money baking and providing cakes for birthdays and celebrations.

So you know that Baking is King, as a woman or a female college student, with an oven you can do a lot in your spare time or on the weekends.

It is advisable to improve your skills well before starting this business.

Catering Services:

With extensive knowledge of cooking different dishes and a few riends, you can start a catering outlet that offers handmade food and drinks for certain events.

This would not happen regularly so it frees up time for the other school things you do.

Business Ideas for Women ( fitness ):

Personal Fitness Trainer:

You work out often, you know the ropes, you have a well-defined body, you have a passion for teaching and motivation, then you can offer to be a personal trainer for people who are serious about fitness.

You should start small and maybe pick two or three people the first time.

Adapt the schedule to your school work and theirs. Or you can start a fitness club in your school with some other fitness enthusiasts.

Weight Loss Advice:

You probably know many people who want to lose weight or maintain their weight.

If you are or can become an expert in this field, you can start a weight loss consulting business.

You can also offer them practical advice depending on their goals, connect them with a personal trainer, design a diet plan that suits their goals, teach them to exercise that will help them get their dream body, monitor on their progress and encouragement. them on their journey to lose weight.

Swimming Training:

If there is a sport that not many people can do, you can make money teaching it to people.

I know many people who would love to swim; so if you are good at swimming, you can give a lecture and practice swimming and they will pay you for it.

You can make $50 -$500 per month depending on how good you are.

Creative Business Ideas for Women ( Events ):


As a woman who loves to attend events and understands orderliness, you can opt for the position of promoter in a formal school program or dinner night.

As you improve and learn more about ushering, you can set up your own ushering agency where you can teach aspiring ushers and make money from it.

Event Planning:

Events represent the life of society, ranging from Campaigns, birthdays, ceremonies, graduations, trade unions, etc.

You can start with these small events and introduce your skills while making money before starting your own agency.

Creative Business Ideas for Women ( Cleaning/Sanitation ):

Laundry Service:

This may require a fairly large amount of capital but you can get started.

On weekends or days off from lectures, you can get the word out that you can launder for less and people will patronize you.

This may be common for students in college who can meet their classmates.

Business ideas for stay at home moms

House Cleaning Service:

This may not be common everywhere, but with some household equipment and a group of enthusiastic people, you can start a house cleaning service.

At first, it may seem difficult but as time goes on, you can improve it and make a lot of money because many people are lazy or even busy and they are willing to pay to have their house cleaned for them.


Bleach Production:

A business idea for women with many women in it; it is a very profitable business that can take you the extra mile if you are good at it.

Bleach is very simple to produce and the materials required are cheap and easy to find.

Production of Liquid Soap:

Many people know how to do it on Liquid Soap Production.

You can also enter this section and produce liquid soap in your room. It’s easy and you can ask for help from others or sell your liquid soap in used plastic bottles or cans.


As I said at the beginning, What a man can do, a woman can do better.

The business ideas for women, female college students and stay at home moms listed above are things you can do to make good money.

Even after reading this post, I want you to choose a business idea that you can start and work on.

The action is successful.

Thank you for reading this post.

Share this with any woman around you.


I am a professional writer and blogger.

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