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5 Things To Remember When Undergoing An Office Strip Out

An office strip out includes removing and emptying the interior area of the office. Stripping out from the commercial office may sound simple but it is a tedious process. It is time-consuming as well as if you do not follow a plan it can burn your pocket. Often to save the cost people oft for DIY office strip-outs but the DIY process may cause damage.   Hence it is a wise choice to hire a professional strip out the company to perform the process of the strip out in your office with precaution.

Following things are to be remembered while undergoing an office strip out:

Items removed while undergoing an office strip out include: tables, chairs, electronic devices- printers, hard drives, computers, telecommunications, flooring laminate, tiles, carpets, partitions, office dividers and cubicles, fans, lights , cables, air conditioning, ducting, pipelines, fixtures cabinet, shelves mirrors, windows as well as the Office kitchen. While planning for office strip out certain things should be remembered. A list does such thing is discussed below. Let’s have a look:

1. Ensure to frame a safety plan: 

While signing your contract with an office strip out company, make sure you mention their barriers and other measures are considered to prevent the occurrence of health hazards like asthma and dermatitis which will affect the working environment of your office.  Frame a safety plan, which must include OSHA and other legal body standards. Your office evacuating team must abide by these regulations and the plan needs to be framed before renovation work begins. Even when your evacuating team follows the safety tips and regulatory rules, this task creates dust and debris which affects workers and employees in a disruptive way.

2. Plan safety standards: 

Safety Plans should include the following items:

  • Posted layouts including an evacuation route.
  • Discuss evacuating dates with workers
  • Make sure the new fixtures are ready to be installed.
  • While the process is going on, clean the floor every hour
  • Reduce stretching extension cords across doorways.
  • Supply protective things to be worn by your workers and employees
  • Separate working areas and non-working areas as long as the task is going on.

3. Make room and keep essential things at the proper place:

While undergoing an office strip out, make sure you get rid of all unwanted things and keep only the indispensable things in a proper place. While making room for indispensable stuff in the storeroom, take everything out that your employees have not used for years. Place the other items in the storeroom properly so that they can be found whenever required. To store the necessary things properly, and to heap up the unwanted ones separately, two things are necessary for this purpose, a storage pod and a dumpster to dump your office waste and take it to the nearby recycling plant.

4. Label and categorize boxes:

When you are shifting things into the storeroom, it’s important to label the boxes so that they can be found easily whenever required. For highest efficiency, label and categories every box depending on the items kept in it, number it and put a location and maintain a simultaneous spreadsheet containing the category, the number, and the items kept inside the box.

5. Take precautions:

During an office strip out, all ventilation systems should also be sealed with tape and plastic sheets. This will prevent dust from entering into the building through vents. As an added precaution, while office strip out is going on, switch off all heating, air conditioning systems to protect the systems from getting contaminated. Remove things like wall hangings, books, furniture, etc. Cover the floors with thick plastic sheets and stick them with tape. Close all exits where the evacuating team is working. Make sure your evacuating team has taken all their necessary devices and tools with them so that they don’t have to step off the plastic sheet when the work is going on.

Seek help from a professional company to strip out your office. They make sure that your office strips out service is reliable and executed professionally since they know that an office strip out is basic to any office renovation project. Ensure to clean up space properly which enables the fit-out team to install and rebuild your office space easily.

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