What Your Favorite Crystal Says About You

Before we go any further, if crystals aren’t your thing, this might not be for you; however, if you believe in the powers that different crystals and gemstones possess and want to know which you should have on your desk, then read on!


A popular stone, and one that most people who are just learning about crystals will buy: itis said that it repels negative energy and can calm the holder. The chances are you purchased the amethyst because you have a lot going on. You need some help in tackling your stress levels and are happy to accept help from multiple sources.

Your emotional side and your mental side tussle often to find time to relax and still explore everything you want to achieve.

If you love amethyst, you’re: intelligent, big-hearted, ready to open up to your emotions, but looking for balance and calm.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is known to be a powerful stone. Although it’s the look can be deceptive. The clear quartz is considered by many to be the master healer, and everyone should have one. Great for improving memory and focus. If you have purchased clear quartz or find yourself drawn to them, you are most likely looking for mood and situation improvement.

If you love clear quartz, you’re: loyal, with the ability to lift the mood of others (although sometimes you take their mood on as your own), you have a specific vibe that people like to be around, and you like to hold to your beliefs. The downside is you might find yourself drawn into the dramas of others.

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Obsidian is said to be a mighty stone in terms of protective energies and shield formation. If you are drawn to obsidian, the chances are you are surrounded by a few emotionally and physically negative people. Obsidian is said to provide the holder with clarity and compassion and give them insight into their real sense of self.

You might have a few negative habits that you are ready to break out of, though. For example, you might always find the issues in your own plans, it does not mean you’re unhappy or a negative person, but it just means you’re looking to change your mindset.

If you love obsidian, you’re: strong with your opinions and are looking for insight into how you can make those things work for you. You might be surrounded by people that you feel are not letting you live or be your best self, and obsidian can help you with that negative energy.

Rose quartz

There is something innately romantic about Rose Quartz. Although it can come in a range of colors from light pink to milky white with pink touches in rose quartz is usually used by those looking for love and fulfillment. Rose Quartz is linked to the heart chakra’s inner chambers and will help promote emotional and mental healing.

Rose Quartz is often one of the secondary crystals people purchase after amethyst and clear quartz. And it is often used in unison with those two.

If you love Rose Quartz, you’re: very careful about maintaining your relationships and very open and caring. This can sometimes mean that you get emotionally hurt more than others. The gentleness and romanticism of rose quartz speak to you on an emotional level.

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Citron is said to bring money and wealth to those who surround themselves with it. This is why it is a great one to have on your desk while you’re working. The warmth of a citrine usually draws in a person who has them has big hopes and a lot of passion. They wish to grow abundantly throughout their life and have researched the tools to do that.

If you love citrine, you’re: A warm soul with a lot to give. Although your passion might change from one month to the next, you are determined to live with abundance and joy throughout your life. You have a vast imagination and are very creative, which means people are always bouncing ideas off you. One of the biggest things is putting all of that creativity and imagination into action.

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Whether you believe in the powers of crystals or not, not only are they beautiful, but if they really do have all of that extra boost, then having them around your home it’s just a good idea. There is a range of crystals that suit every personality and every purpose. So maybe it’s time to research which crystals you should get.

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