What is Invisalign Platinum provider?

The Invisalign system allows people who want to straighten their teeth to do so easily. In order to get the best results, your orthodontist has to be highly skilled in the art of Invisalign, and has to know how to apply the system properly.

A doctor’s office that specializes in Invisalign is called an Invisalign Platinum provider. At this point in time, only about 200 doctors worldwide have obtained this high of a level of skill and knowledge to make the Invisalign system work for patients.

Some orthodontists have said that the Invisalign provider program has no value and that the company is scamming patients. However, others say that Invisalign Platinum providers have the same experience, education, and skill as any other doctor.

Invisalign is simply a great system to straighten teeth and should be used by anyone who wants to straighten their teeth. Orthodontists are the only ones who can recommend the Invisalign system because only they know how to use it.

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