What happens if I don’t use my laptop for a long time?

So you should do your best to protect the unit. If you want to save money on your computer, you should just leave it alone. There is no need to buy expensive parts like a new hard drive or new RAM. Most of the time, everything works fine just by leaving it. Even if you aren’t using it very much, it is still good to protect it.

As long as the computer is in your home, you should put it in a locked room. Some people think that they should clean their computers all the time to make laptop sale sure they work properly. However, this isn’t true. Cleaning a computer all the time can make your system less stable, and can cause damage.

You should clean your computer at least once a month, and wipe it out after use. If you clean your computer all the time, you’ll notice that your system will start acting funny.

If you have a small family, it might be possible to share one computer between several people. You could share the hard drive. When you are done using your computer, you should unplug it and turn it off. It is best to store the computer in a place that is cool and dry. It might be possible to store the computer in a refrigerator if you do it correctly.

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