What credit app do landlords use?

Landlords are supposed to ask tenants about their rental history. However, not all landlords are capable of obtaining accurate information about the tenants. Some owners may use a third-party to obtain this information. In some cases, the third party may provide false information about tenants. For this reason, you must check that the property owner is asking about your credit history before you agree to rent a home.

You can do that by requesting your credit report from the three major credit reporting companies. You can request it directly from the companies or use an online service called

After you get your report, you can compare the report with House for rent by owner your credit report. You can also order your free copy of your credit report once a year. If you find any problems on your credit report, you can request a correction from the companies.

As for landlords, it is important for them to understand that using credit bureaus to verify tenants will cost them money. Renting your home through a private landlord can cost you a lot. If you plan to pay a small sum, you may not even know about the credit history of potential tenants. The solution is to use a credit app to obtain accurate information about tenants. Most of the apps offer a free version that is limited to 5 searches.

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