Tourist Needs To Know The Guidance About Driving

Dubai is a dream place city for tourists. It is a city of attractions. If you visit Dubai, there are
many tourist points, so you must set your own wheel or hire a driver for this purpose. There
are too many cabs and rideshare services you can avail of course. It will be helpful for those
facing difficulties in reaching places, but the best way to get around Dubai if you want to
enjoy your trip is by hiring your own rental car and self-driving. Also, Safe Driver Dubai
Monthly provides you a 24/7 service to rent a car. Here are some essential points you have
to know about the driving criteria of Dubai that every tourist must consider.
The Road Rules
● The roads are large-scale and expansive; freeways are often 8 lanes wide because
they are used for sharing trucks, buses, and multiple highways.
● You have to be a confident driver in Dubai. With the steering wheel on the left, Dubai
vehicles drive on the road’s right side.
● Speeds are measured in km per hour. Your vehicle is likely to only have a
speedometer in km.
The Condition of Roads
● In the morning and evening, it is rush hour in Dubai. If you want to avoid sitting in a
6-lane traffic jam, try getting out after 10:00 AM.
● Most significant attractions are open at this time anyway. It can open super busy from
schools finishing around 2:00 PM until at least 7:00 PM.
● During rainy times road surfaces become like slippery oil. Most rain showers pass
reasonably quickly; however, if it is a more significant storm, that can very
occasionally hit.
● Fog is another challenge for drivers. It can occur in some seasonal times of the year
but more in the winter months. Slow down your vehicles and use headlights.
Tolls, Charges, And Fueling Up
● Dubai’s major roads have an automated toll system called Salik. When you pass
under a toll, a small SALIK sticker that will register the charge.
● You must choose E-plus, Special-95, Super-98, and diesel at the pump. Check if your
hire company has specified fuel for their car.
● Fuel stations used to be full-service, but in the last few years, they have become
more self-service.
Rental Car Rules And Regulations
● It is easy to pick up rental cars in Dubai from the airport and any locations around the
● A highly competitive car rental market includes Safe Driver Dubai Monthly service.
They rent their vehicles on a long and short-term monthly basis.
● You have to follow all the rules and regulations of driving in Dubai. Otherwise, you
have to pay a fine for the violence of road safety.

Sum Up
You must always be awake and attentive to the traffic conditions around you. Drive safely
and securely, even if this is not displayed accurately by your fellow road users. Enjoy your
trip without any worries. You just have to be aware and follow the traffic rules of Dubai city.

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